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Thimblepress for BlueSky at Staples

I am super excited to announce the Thimblepress® for BlueSky Collection At Staples®. For two years the team at Blue Sky and Thimblepress have worked together to create a collection of dated planners and calendars that fit many different types of personalities, from classic stripe to floral to terrazzo and abstract - we cover the gamut on style. Your planner is an extension of you, your style & uniqueness so we want it to match your vibe!

Our faith lays the foundation for what we do at Thimblepress. From our Prayer Partner, Small Squares, Share-A-Prayer and so much more we hope you find joy in using these tools to strengthen your faith-walk or someone else's!
Thimblepress Kindness Cards
A kind word or smile can affect people more than they realize - and a single word can make someone's day. Our Kindness Cards will inspire conversation, laughter, friendship and much more! Pin them to a board or give them to a stranger - whichever way you use them we hope you feel the good energy you are putting forth in the world when you do!

Happiness multiplies at Thimblepress® with our fresh perspective on color, bold shapes & fun in everything we create. We strive to help deliver more smiles and celebrations to people every single day!

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