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As you may know, our team is big on natural and organic products and natural health solutions, so we are always talking about new remedies and tips for healthy living amongst our team. Today we bring you the best home remedies we've got in our home health tool boxes to-date, and we welcome you to leave us a comment and tell us your tips and tricks! Tried any of these remedies below? Leave us a message and tell us about your experience!



THE COMMON COLD: Try this Essential Oils blend- 2 parts Peppermint Oil, 1 Part Eucalyptus Oil, 1 Part Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil, and a dash of lemon oil. Blend and rub under the nose to open and relieve sinuses.

ROUGH FEET: Mix 1/4 cup Vinegar + 1/4 cup Listerine® and 1 cup hot water in a shallow container. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes, then wipe dry to reveal softened skin.

OILY HAIR: Shake a small amount of baby powder into roots and tousle. The powder will absorb the oil and decrease shine. Try a menthol powder for an extra fresh feeling.

DRY SCALP: For a dry scalp, pre-treat hair before shampooing with a spray bottle filled with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar + 1 cup water. Spray scalp thoroughly, let set for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water before shampooing. Apple Cider Vinegar has powerful anti-septic properties and the acid acts as a clarifier for the scalp and skin.

HEADACHES: Headaches and migranes are often a sign of poor circulation. Peppermint oil has vaso-constricting and vaso-dialating properties which help the blood vessels open and constrict properly. Try rubbing peppermint oil on the temples and under the nose. Peppermint tea can be equally effective.

STOMACH ACHES + ACID REFLUX: You guys, Vinegar is the cure all! Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is on the top of most of our team member's list for a number of health aids, but here's another reason to love it- often times acid reflux and stomach aches are caused by a deficiency in proper acid levels needed in our stomaches. Try a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and drink 1 cup of water afterwards to fix those levels. A number of our team members have found nearly instant relief from stomach pain (less than 10 minutes) with this easy and cheap remedy.

SLEEPING AIDS: Anxiety or trouble sleeping? Try Gaba (Gamma-Amino Buyric Acid) Pills. These are designed for the natural treatment of anxiety, nervousness and insomnia and there are many testaments to Gaba being a natural alternative to anxiety medications as well as sleeping pills.

Unsweetened Cherries are also a favorite among our team- they are a great after dinner dessert snack and are a natural source for Melatonin, which promotes sleep. We're also big fans of evening tea, and Sleepytime Tea is a favorite for inducing relaxation and calm before bed.

TEETH WHITENING: Everyone wants whiter teeth, right? But, traditional whitening options, often leave teeth feeling super sensitive to cold and touch. Solution? Activated Charcoal! While it looks a bit on the gross side, the results are real and without and residual sensitivity. Activated charcoal has many other benefits and uses as well- HERE are just a few.

ACHES + PAINS: We've all used an ice pack before for swelling, aches or pains. Now you can make your own by just mixing 1 part Rubbing Alcohol and 3 parts Water in a Ziplock bag. (The alcohol keeps the water from fully freezing). Chill in freezer, then wrap in towel or fabric before using to soothe aches, pains, bumps and bruises.

BREAKOUTS: 1 more for use for that vinegar- Mix equal parts vinegar with the wonders of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay to make a mask or just a smidge of paste. Use all over or just apply to problem area and let set for 15-20 minutes, then wash with warm water. Mask removes toxins and tightens pores.

BUG BITES: Did you know the inside of banana peels are a natural cure for nagging, itchy bug bites!? Yep, next time you've got one, scrap the inside of a banana peel, mush to a paste and apply for natural relief.

FLU SYMPTOMS: Try this method, vetted by our retail sales manager, Kate: Right when symptoms come about take a pair of cotton socks and get them wet with cold water (if your feet are cool or cold, it is important to warm them first). Wring the socks out thoroughly. Place the cool moist socks on your feet. Cover with thick dry wool socks. The socks must be 100% wool. Go straight to bed and avoid getting chilled. This method helps gain circulation throughout your body, clears congestion and help your blood flow.

Have your own home remedies or experiences? Leave us a comment and join the conversation! Know someone that's feeling under the weather? Make them a home remedy kit with some of the low cost items mentioned above, and of course, send them a card. Shop our sympathy/get well cards with the link below:



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