About Thimblepress



“Happiness Multiplies™” at Thimblepress® with our fresh perspective on color, bold shapes, and fun in everything we create. We strive to help deliver smiles to people every single day.

It is the mission of Thimblepress® to encourage kindness and inspire fun with the colorful, happy and innovative products we create, the stories we tell, how we operate our business, and our writings and features on our blog, The Thread. We operate our business functions with an attitude of gratitude and zest for knowledge; constantly seeking new and better ways to do things. We hope that same gratitude and kindness encourages our customers, and gives them a wonderful experience!

Thimblepress® loves a happy environment & experience; We focus our efforts on our team, our studio, and in our customer’s lives to bring them joy. From the social media inspirations we share, to the fun packages we send, receiving positive feedback from those people let us know that we’re making an impact in what we do. Thimblepress® will continue these principals for years to come in everything that we do and avenues of business we pursue.

Above all, we strive to be a credit to the community we are in and serve, a valuable source of happiness and information to our customers, and a place where Thimblepress®, our team, retailers, and customers can grow and prosper.


Thimblepress® knows even the smallest life moments need to be celebrated and cherished, because life is short. Thimblepress® strives to be synonymous with happiness, inspiration and kindness. Regarded with the high integrity, Thimblepress® hopes to impact positive social & community change and encourage children in the world of creative pursuits and careers, just as Thimblepress® owner and founder Kristen Ley was encouraged as a child. We will continue producing innovative products, colorful environments, and have an impact in our own local and state economy. We want to continue to dream big – always.

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