Wholesale faq

 Please email wholesale@thimblepress.com. Please note that we can only reset your password if you have an existing and approved wholesale account with us. 

The fastest way to reach us would be at wholesale@thimblepress.com. If you’re an approved retailer, you can always email us the SKUs and amounts you would like. We will respond confirming your order.

 Yes! We love shipping our goods internationally! Please keep in mind that you may be responsible for duties and taxes as well as a possible landing costs when the order enters your country. If you are not working with a forwarder, we will send you a shipping quote that will need to be approved ASAP before we can charge your card and ship your order.  Please note that at this time we cannot send FLORAL Eco-Friendly Push Pop Confetti out of the US.

Opening orders: $150
Minimum reorder: $100

Item Minimums:

all notepads and art prints – 3 per SKU all other products – 6 per SKUboxed sets of cards are only offered for holiday cards,  (e.g. Christmas, New Years, Hannukah, Easter) *excludes any Confetti Cards

Unfortunately the minimums for each SKU must be met. If it’s under the minimum we will either bump it up to meet the minimum or delete it from the order. Please make sure you are aware of this policy.

We would be happy to do custom work, but wholesale pricing is not available for custom items. For inquiries about custom work outside of what is ordered in the wholesale catalog, please email custom@thimblepress.com.

We aim to get your orders out as fast as we can. The average processing time for orders is approximately 1-3 weeks from order date. This does not include the 1-3 days of USPS Priority shipping or UPS Ground 2-7 days. Please note that this time frame does not apply to international orders, as sometimes packages are delayed with local couriers or customs.

We will try our best to accommodate domestic rush shipping requests;  however, before you place a Purchase Order  you must call us at 601.351.9492 or email us at wholesale@thimblepress.com and receive confirmation that we can, in fact, rush ship your order. Rush shipping and handling charges will apply. We try to process POs in the order they come in, as quickly and streamlined as possible.  Unfortunately we cannot rush ship a wholesale order once it’s already been placed, and we have not been previously notified. 

Please visit the Wholesale Page of our website. From there, you can apply for a wholesale account. You’ll be able to shop our entire wholesale collection once you are approved! 

We currently do not have signage,  but we do have two options for acrylic Push Pop displays. We have a 12-hole acrylic display measuring 9” x 7” x 4” for $33.00 (THI001) and an 18-hole acrylic display measuring 13” x 7” x 4” for $42.00 (THI002). If you would like to add this to your, order please note this in the notes section. 

To see how our Push-Pop Confetti work, please see the Original Push-Pop Confetti product page on this site. Please note there is no “fire-power” in this product. The best method for confetti-flying fun is to hit the stick in the middle of the palm of your hand. We recommend taking the lid off so that you can save it for future use of the food-safe container.

We include an illustrated Push-Pop Confetti® “how-to” postcard with each pop ordered so that stores and customers have the proper instructions on how to get the most fun out of their Push-Pops.  

Please review our photo policies, then fill out this photo request form.

Upon approval, your images will be sent to you within 36 to 48 hours. Please note that each image requested is taken into consideration based on the purpose and placement of each item. All image requests may not be approved. Upon approval, one must submit the final draft of the marketing piece (online store, catalog, newsletter, etc.) to the Thimblepress® creative projects director for approval before publishing. Failure to do so may result in copyright infringement. Please make time in your schedule to allow for these requests. 

Both options have identical exterior packaging so that the gender is hidden to the end customer. When packing the Gender Reveal Push Pops, we clearly label the box or bubble bag with either “GIRL” or “BOY”. We also include a note in the order (below) explaining this process.  Please do NOT unpack the boxes without marking or separating the genders. We cannot issue a refund or send new push pops if the store mixes up the genders.

*Gender Reveal Notice*

Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti comes in two color options of blue (It’s A Boy) and pink (It’s A Girl)! Both options have identical exterior packaging so that the gender is hidden to our end customer.  We have recently changed a small part of this product by including pink and blue specks in the top of each Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti. Please note that this change will leave less room for error in production.  The outside packaging of each gender push pop is identical. When shipping this product to you, we package each gender separately and label the box as “boy” or “girl”, so that you will know which push-pops is which gender.

We have not created a universal label to mark the gender in fear that eventually your customer would know which marking means boy or girl, so we would like to recommend to you a few different ideas on how to sell this product to you:

You could put one (or two) on display in the store and keep other pops separated by gender in the boxes sent to you so that you can secure there are no mix-ups and simply pull the order for your customer from the back.
You can create a label for this product in your store (sticker, barcode, etc.) that scans or marks the product for your individual customers. You can create a secret marking that you put on this product (one dot for boy, two dots for girl, etc.) for your store; however, we did not want to create a universal marking ourselves due to the fact that end customers would eventually figure out the markings and know the gender, so be mindful that this could happen in your community the more gender pops you sell!

We hope that these suggestions help you to stock and sell our Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti better! Please feel free to call us if you have further questions or concerns!

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WE NO LONGER HAVE A BRICK & MORTAR SHOP. However, you can shop online and pick-up instore. Please arrange for pickup times with us!


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