Below is the list of what truly makes Thimblepress®, Thimblepress®. This is our core, our foundation, our why, our strong hold; things that will never change about the way we work and do business.

Have Fun – Cultivate & Promote Happiness

We know fun is very subjective and a state of mind, but we want our Thimblepress® family of customers, clients and team members to experience that joyful state of mind whenever they think about Thimblepress®. Fun means many different things to each person, and that is the beauty in what happiness is – unique to each person. At Thimblepress® happiness means standing in a flurry of confetti while dancing around barefoot, spending time writing a heartfelt note to a friend, smiling and laughing, giggling with girlfriends over cocktails, cheering on a friend or family member for accomplishing something fantastic, and traveling the world exploring new and amazing cultures. We hope to be a part of your fun and happiness! Happiness Multiplies™ at Thimblepress®, and this can be seen through our products and our interactions with our Thimblepress® family, friends, team members & customers.


At Thimblepress®, we do the right and honest thing in the most reliable way for ourselves and our customers. We focus on who we are as a company by making  good, open decisions. Integrity is the foundation we lay each time we answer the phone, send an email, pack an order, create a new product, work with a new client, and much more! Holding true to our integrity as a company will never change and is something each team member of Thimblepress® possesses and represents in our office and community.

Innovation Through & Through

At Thimblepress® we aspire to create innovative products through unique design and lots of love. We have built our business on finding creative new ways to celebrate life’s moments. We promise to continue to bring innovation through our products, the way we operate business with new technology that helps us do things more efficiently.

A Great Experience

Thimblepress® strives to deliver the best experience to our customers by being responsive in the fastest way through our different communication platforms. We enjoy hearing your feedback, good and bad. We believe in transparency with our customers so they always feel included and welcome. We go the extra mile to show each and every customer how important they are to us. We try to make your experience with us as convenient as possible by striving to make the lives of our customers happier by providing amazing, colorful moments with our products.

Inspirational & Educational 

Thimblepress® hopes to inspire a moment, friendship, celebration, and much more. We strive to inspire greatness, and we want this to happen by the ways we operate our company, the products we create, and the way we reach out to our customers. We enjoy sharing how we do things and business tips through our blog “The Thread” (this should be an active link to our blog), educating through workshops, speaking at conferences and retreats, and educating our team members full-time and part-time.

Encourage Others & Ourselves

Encouraging others is something that comes naturally to Thimblepress® and owner and founder, Kristen Ley. With all the knowledge Kristen has gained in opening and founding Thimblepress®, she loves to share it through her Biz Tip Tuesday posts on “The Thread” (this should be an active link to our blog), by speaking at events and conferences, and/or hosting workshops in our local Jackson, Mississippi studio space and beyond. We enjoy encouraging others to see the special and beautiful things within them that they do not see; cheering them on to turn dreams into reality. Kristen was encouraged her whole life to pursue her dreams, and knows how important that was in shaping the woman and business woman she has become and continues to strive to be.

Kindness Wins

“Kindness and a smile are worth much more than a frown.” – Kristen Ley

Kindness always wins. Growing up, owner and founder Kristen Ley was always told to be kind, even in the hardest of circumstances, because you may not know the battles the other person may be fighting. Those values are held and lifted up, high within Thimblepress®. There is something so magical about smiling or waving at complete stranger and getting a smile back knowing you may have just made someone’s day brighter. Kindness can change, heal, and to us is the best medicine.