Work with us

Custom work is very special to Thimblepress®. Beyond the product line, Thimblepress® specializes in custom design work, hand lettering and illustration. We offer custom design services for an array of different thing from weddings, parties, holiday occasions, stationery, brands and businesses. Once one of the two custom project forms has been filled out, a follow-up email will be sent containing our Custom Design Work catalog and Custom Push-Pop Confetti™ catalog.

Commercial letterpress printing is not a service offered by Thimblepress. The only projects that have letterpress by Thimblepress as a printing option are the projects that we design and work on. To see more information about custom letterpress artwork please visit the FAQ page.

The Process:

1. Contract

Once you have filled out your wedding design form or custom work (including Push-Pop Confetti™) and the design details & requests have been assessed, we’ll contact you with an estimate for your project. One the estimate is approved, a contract containing the project details (including timeline) and approved costs is then sent for you to sign via Adobe Sign. We request a 50% deposit of the approved estimated total before any work can begin on the project.

2. Design Consultation + Brand Inquiry (getting to know you)

After the contract and approved estimate is signed, an initial meeting in person or over the phone is scheduled to get to know you and your brand/vision. Project guidelines and detailed steps for achieving your vision are discussed briefly, and the design process can begin.

3. Process & Proofing

Let the process begin! The project steps take flight and we begin designing and developing the proofs for your project. Once the final proofs are signed and approved by you, via Adobe Sign, we begin prepping the elements of the project that will head to the printer (be it flat printing, screen printing, foiling or letterpress). If applicable, we wrap up web or conceptual project elements. Once this happens, a final invoice is sent containing final balance due.

4. Printing, Shipping & Fulfillment

Once we receive final payment, printed items can be delivered or shipped, web based projects can go live, and conceptual work can be sent to you.

To apply for a custom wedding suite or wedding related project CLICK HERE

To request more information for a custom project other than weddings CLICK HERE