A wholesale account will grant access to online ordering, catalogs, line sheets, and all other information pertained to carrying Thimblepress in your shop. Wholesale pricing is not available for custom items such as: invitations, announcements, calling cards, personalized stationary, business cards, or custom commissioned artwork. Questions or confused? Email us at [email protected]

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Don’t forget to review our WHOLESALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS page to answer a lot of questions you may have. Thanks!

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All information regarding minimums, payment and shipping policies can be found on our wholesale terms and conditions page. To request an account please complete the form below and please be sure to create a user account with our website (sign-in/register in the top right-hand corner) so we can upgrade you from a customer account to a wholesale buyer account. Thank you!

  • If buyer, merchandise manager, or retail associate please provide us with the owner's name and contact information. See below.
  • Please enter the email address you want associated with your wholesale orders. This email address must also be used as your username when creating your online account to purchase wholesale via our website. Once your online account is created and this form is complete, your wholesale application will be submitted for review.
    Please note that if you are approved as an online and a brick & mortar retailer, the URL must match the name of the brick & mortar applying. Selling through a third party website (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.) is NOT ALLOWED.
  • We require a working URL to apply for a wholesale account. If this is unavailable please email us at [email protected] We may ask you to provide pictures of your store front.