Tan happily ever after push-pop confetti® Confetti
Tan happily ever after push-pop confetti® Confetti

happily ever after push-pop confetti®

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Dazzle the world in confetti with this all metallic Push-Pop Confetti®. The metallic, gold label reads "Cheers, laughter & happily ever after!" This push-pop is perfect to celebrate someone recently engaged or getting married!

• 1.5" x 7.5" (including handle)
• Reusable, food-safe container
• Hand-printed & packaged
• a mix of hand-cut, all metallic shapes (no paper)

• Packaging features a gold foil label + a sticker on top of the lid. Each pop is packaged with a removable plastic seal around the lid to ensure it does not pop in transit.

Please note there is no "fire-power" in this product. It is a simple machine. You must, as we say, "serve it like a volleyball" after taking the lid off. The best method for confetti flying fun is to hit the stick in the middle of the palm of your hand. We recommend taking the lid off so that you can save it for future use of the food-safe container. One cannot simply take the lid off and wait for it to explode.