2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Color Lover and Comedian!

Alright, we've gathered up the perfect gift guide for all the color lovers and comedians out there. We've included everything from home decor to apparel for all of those quirky souls in your life. We also have gift guides that we curate throughout the year on our site, so make sure you check those out here!

  1. Ugh Mug
  2. Rainbow Weave Wall Hanging
  3. Weird Rad 8x10" Print
  4. You're the Tits Card
  5. Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle Throw Pillow
  6. Milkyway Boys Lie Phone Case
  7. Prince Peter Mean Girls Tee (Regina George would be proud)
  8. "I Still Believe" Dad Cap
  9. Pizza Card
  10. Original Push Pop Confetti
  11. The Day Dreamer
  12. MLxTP Confetti Earrings
  13. Celebration Calendar
  14. ASOS Embroidered Taffeta Dress
  15. Tasseled Suede Tote Bag (omg obsessed)
  16. Lol Print (this will literally make you smile every time you see it)
  17. Jeffrey Campbell Slides
  18. Dylan's Candy Bar Cupcake filled with Gummy Bears
  19. Levtex Can't Touch This Zip Pouch

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