Thimblepress x The Root Collective Shoe Collection Launches

We’ve been keeping a secret for almost 4 years! Mark your calendars for November 10, 2022 when our official Thimblepress x The Root Collective shoe collection launches!

What started as a friendship between The Root Collective founder, Bethany Tran, & Thimblepress founder, Kristen Ley,i n 2016 at Atl Summit Conference has blossomed into a dream collaboration between the two founders. 

Both Bethany and Kristen value joy, putting happiness out into the world, and being authentically nice people. They both love pops of color and unique designs, but most importantly they both value the positive social impact that can be made in communities through small businesses, employment & manufacturing. 

Bethany explained their mission by saying, "We believe that every parent deserves the right to take care of their kids through a fair-paying job!" We encourage you to watch our video of Bethany Tran to meet her and get a better sense of where your money goes and what impact it is making! You can also watch Thimblepress founder + owner, Kristen Ley, walk through the collection via this video. 

This exclusive line was developed over four years; developed through a pandemic, Bethany’s sweet baby being born, Kristen's marriage to Bill & becoming a step-mama, very hard losses and so much more. It’s been a true labor of love between the two companies, and we hope you love how it turned out!

Four years of development and you will only have four days to shop this exclusive artist collection with a limited release. The reason for the pre-order model resides in The Root Collective's desire to run a sustainable company. As Bethany Tran states, "There is a lot of overproduction in the fashion industry, and this is the way we can help combat it and prevent excess waste."

There are four styles of hand-crafted shoes in this collection, and when we say hours upon hours (probably days & weeks) were poured into what styles we wanted to create for our peeps (you guys) and what was possible.

Kristen states the following on the process, "It has been incredible to watch Bethany navigate the challenges and joys of manufacturing overseas in Guatemala. It’s not for the faint of heart, but her mission and purpose are always at the forefront of what she does and for that - she’s one badass entrepreneur! We’ve faced many snafus (I swear Satan is trying to stop this launch), but we know God brought this & us together, through these four years & for His greater purpose!"

Will you join us in praying over this collection? That it moves people in His name? Will your pray blessings over the small businesses & hands in Guatemala who come together to craft these shoes?

To learn more about the process The Root Collective takes in manufacturing their shoes, watch this video



The Thimblepress x The Root Collective collection launches on Thursday, November 10 at 8 AM CST. You’ll have until Sunday, November 13 at midnight to place your order HERE on


The collection only offers whole sizes, so if you usually wear a half size we recommend sizing up with the boot and the sneaker and sizing down with the flat and the wedge. The shoes are super high quality, each hand-crafted for a minimum of three hours on each shoe. The leather ages well over time and molds to the shape of your feet.


Yes! Absolutely! If you need to, please contact The Root Collective HERE

Make sure to have your order number handy! 


The Root Collective does that to be more sustainable. One of the biggest issues in the fashion industry is overproduction. The Root Collective combats that by only making what we need.

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