2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person of Faith!

Hi there ThimbleFamily! We've put together a list of some of great gifts for the Person of Faith in your life! We tried to find gifts that we LOVE and we think would be uplifting and meaningful to someone of faith! We also have gift guides that we curate throughout the year on our site, so make sure you check those out here!

1. Letterboard

2. Archipelago JOY Room Spray 3. Small Squares with Mighty Words 4. "Praying for You" Card 5. "Trust Your Soul" Graphic Tank ( SO soft) 6. "Joy, Love, Peace, Christmas," String Art 7. The Prayer Partner Journal ( the perfect companion to your prayers) 8. David Yurman Spiritual Beads Bracelet 9. Peace and Rejoice Cheese Tray 10. Box Set of Verse Cards 11. She Reads Truth Study Bible 12. "Faith over Fear" Print 13. Hillsong Worship Vinyl Record 14. "Faith Hope Love" Bangle 15. Bible Verse Bar Necklace 16. Subscription to Tapestry magazine

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