DIY Pom Pom Banner!

Happy Thursday Friends! And almost Merry Christmas!

With the holidays just around the corner, we are feeling super crafty and exploring all kinds of different decorations! As you may have seen over on our social media channels, we just launched our second location in Mississippi at The Highland Village Shopping Center! We decorated the new shop from ceiling to floor (literally with balloons and confetti) and it was a HUGE HIT! We also made a DIY Pom Pom Banner! We promised you that we would give you a few tips on how we made it + where to buy the supplies so YOU can make your own!!

What you'll need to get started:

1.White Felt Sheets or a roll of White Felt

2. Any color ribbon (at least 2+ inches in width) *We went with a mint green just to give it a little something special :)

3.Hot Glue Gun + Glue sticks

4. Stapler (for emergency if glue does not stick)

5. Pom Poms (10-15 packs)

Now you are ready to get started! First take your felt and cut small or medium long triangles! We cut our triangles about 1.5 feet long and 9 inches in width, but you can make yours as short or as a long as you want! It really just depends on how many pom poms you want to use! We cut 14, 1.5FT long triangles from our roll of white felt! Now you have your triangles and they are ready to be decorated! Next step is we cut our ribbon long enough to hang in our store front window. Our ribbon was about 15-20 ft long! Once you cut your ribbon to the length that you want your banner, now is the time to heat up the glue gun! blog3

Once your glue gun is heated and ready (use caution as the glue gun will be hot and can burn skin!) now you can start glueing the triangles onto the ribbon. Take the larger part or the base to the triangle and glue it to the ribbon! Each triangle had about 1-2 inches between each.




Let the triangles try on the ribbon for at least 10-15 minutes, because it will be hot! Once they have tried, now you can glue the pom poms onto each triable! If they pom poms are larger and won't seem to glue, you can use the stapler to staple the pom pom from behind the triangle (so you wont be able to see the staple on the front of the banner).



It turned out more gorgeous that we even thought! We love all the color!!






We have a serious obsession with pom poms, don't you!?


Now it's time for YOU to make your own banner! Make sure to send us a photo so we can see! Do you have a DIY idea that you'd like for us to try?! Leave a comment and let's chat about it!


Team Thimblepress

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