Artist Spotlight: Kendall Kirk Singleton

Hey Friends! Happy Friday!

We are so super excited to bring to you a #thimblefriend + super cool artist, Kendall Kirk Singleton! Here textured florals + happy paintings give us so much light and happiness! Check out more images below + information about her Pop Up show hosted by Thimblepress!

Since she is coming to our studio on Thursday, so we had to chat Kendall up about her strategies, inspirations and more to get to know her as an artist!

Check out our Q & A with Kendall plus some real pretty photos of her work!

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Kendall Singleton and I am from Jackson, MS. Where do you currently live? I currently live in Hattiesburg, MS! How did you know that you wanted to pursue art as a full-time career? I have been painting ever since I was little, and it was always what I loved to do. Painting full time is really a dream come true and not something I thought was possible for a long time. My business sort of evolved as the demand grew. The more opportunity presented itself, the more my imagination grew. I wanted to go for it because it allows me to make a living doing what I love, and I get to be my own boss! When did you decide to take the leap and begin painting full-time? During my senior year of college, I started saying yes to commissions regularly and I took part in my first big show, (Double Decker Art) which opened my eyes to the possibility of painting full time. As I began to add up everything I had done and realize how much opportunity there actually was, I think that’s when the light bulb went off! Shortly after that time, I got engaged, and we would be moving several times (because of my husband’s job) throughout the first year or so of being married, so being able to work from anywhere and be flexible was the best thing for me to do. I think these were all nudges from God to go this way when I look back. What is your favorite subject to paint? Currently, I LOVE painting fun flower arrangements! Who are your biggest inspirations? My husband and my family members inspire me daily, but a couple of artists that inspire me are Camille Prezwodek, Wyatt Waters, Emily Ozier and Teil Duncan just to name a few. How do you get inspired? I love eye-catching color. I like to take photos or collect several images that inspire me and work with those. What is your favorite paint medium to work with? Acrylic, gouache, watercolor, oils? Oils for sure! What are your favorite hobbies and how do you take time for you? Some of my favorite hobbies include getting outside and exercising, cooking/baking for people, reading books that inspire me, watching reruns of The Office, traveling, trying new restaurants and spending time with my loved ones! I “ take time for me” by waking up early and drinking coffee/reading then exercising before I get started for the day. I dedicate myself to working on several projects during the week, and take a break on the weekends from it unless I just feel like painting then! If you had one super power what would that be? I wish I could snap my fingers and transport myself anywhere instantly. That way, I could go see my friends that live far away any time I miss them or be in another country just for the day! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your artist dreams? I see myself painting more and more! I want to continue to grow and improve as an artist and keep my business growing as well. I hope through this, somehow I can help other people. I hope to create pieces that can be treasured forever. One dream of mine is to teach art classes for kids. I would love to give them the space and the means to be creative and instill in them the love for art that was instilled in me. Being able to cheer them on would be the coolest thing. Where can people buy your art? People can buy my art on my website, art shows I participate in, and I currently have a few pieces at Courtney Peters Interior Design.

Check out Kendall on social media below!


**If you're local or around the Jackson, MS area, we are hosting a Pop-Up Show with Kendall next Thursday 9/28!

She is bringing some amazing pieces of art work! You don't want to miss this! Come by our downtown location at 113 North State Street! Enjoy some art while sipping on a nice glass of wine after work! Pop-Up show starts at 5PM and ends at 8PM! See yah there!


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