Behind the Scenes: Thimblepress® Photoshoots

Hey there!

Today, we wanted to show you some serious fun-in-action that you may not get to see all the time, aka . . . BEHIND THE SCENES GOODNESS!

We want to show a little glimpse as to what happens #behindthescenes during our photoshoots! Lots of the obvious confetti, dogs, makeup and coffee cups!

First things first, THIMBLEPETS photoshoot (one of many)!!

dogs1 (left: Willow Ley, back: Henry Ley, front: Frankie Sharpe)

dog3(snack break!)

Winter 2015 photoshoot!

2015ONE (model: Aaryn Letson, JEA Models)

2015THREEPhotoshoot Crew: left: owner, Kristen Ley + Willow Ley, model: Aaryn Letson (JEA), model: Chanelle Beaumont, photographer: Beth Morgan Cowan, set stylist: Bekah Bohlen + Henry Ley

. . .

End of Summer 2016 Photoshoot!

1(left: set stylist: Kate, middle: Morgan Griffin, JEA Models, right: summer intern, Lila)

2(Model: Morgan Griffin, JEA Models)

3(model: Morgan Griffin, JEA + Willow Ley)

4(model: Morgan Griffin, JEA + set stylest: Kate)

And thats a wrap! For now!

Want to see more Behind the Scenes?! Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments and let's chat about it!

*Make sure to check out our videos from our #thimble3dayshoot HERE !


Team Thimblepress

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