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Today on the Thread, we wanted to go into detail about our companies core values that we strive to accomplish, think or just talk about each day here at our studio! Some of you may have seen our Thimblepress® custom stationery or our core values on a custom painting by Kristen Ley over on our social media channels and thought, oh what is that?! So we wanted to give you a little more info on what these core values are and what they mean to Thimblepress®!

Thimblepress core values:

Have Fun! - our brand in a nutshell! It's pretty obvious each day we have LOADS of fun, but we also work very, very hard! As each team member hustles every day, we always make sure to HAVE FUN! We know fun is very subjective and a state of mind, but we want our Thimblepress® family of customers, clients and team members to experience that joyful state of mind when you think about Thimblepress® and use our products. Fun to us means lots of different things to different people, and to us that is the beauty in what happiness is – unique to each person. We hope to be a part of your fun and happiness! We like to say Happiness Multiplies™ with Thimblepress®, and we truly believe that it does with our products, how we interact with our Thimblepress® family, friends, team members & customers. Happiness is contagious.

Innovate - Means to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. At Thimblepress® we aspire to create products with innovation, unique design, and lots of love. We have built a business of finding new ways to celebrate life's moments, and we hope to bring that same innovative thinking into any new product we create. We not only promise to bring innovation to our products, but also in the way we conduct and run our business with smarter technology that helps us do things better, faster, and more cost effective for our customers and clients. Even though some of the processes we use like letterpress are not the forefront of technology and innovation, they once were, and we will continue to perfect those methods to bring you the best in those areas.

Encourage.- We all have "those" days, right?! It's important for our team to help encourage one another and never bring a teammate down, but LIFT them up with encouragement, hugs, smiles and morning donuts help too! Encouraging others is something we do that truly comes natural to Thimblepress® and owner and founder, Kristen Ley. We are so inspired by what others are doing in the world that we cannot help but get behind and help by encouraging their efforts be it creative pursuits or just plain good. Encouragement can impact confidence, which can truly shape the person you are or become. It can make you see amazingness in yourself that you didn't even know was there.

Be honest. - At Thimblepress®, we want to do the right and honest thing and in the most reliable way for ourselves and our customers. We put a lot into who we are as a company and being a company with a moral compass. We have a passion for doing good, honest and open decisions, and having great character. It's so important for us to be honest with ourselves, our company and our customers.

Inspire. -Thimblepress® hopes to inspire others to do and live out their dreams no matter what it is. Our goal is to inspire a moment, friendship, relationship, hobby, celebration, project, product, craft, family, action, change for good, progress, positive thinking, faith, hope, love, and much more. What an honor that would be to inspire such greatness, and we hope to have happen by the ways in which we operate our company, the products we create, and the pieces we write about on our blog, The Thread, and through social media channels. Our team is absolutely inspired by all things! Each team member at Thimblepress is different, unique, has their own opinions, favorites and those "not so much" things. So you can imagine how much inspiration floats through our offices each day. It's important for all of us to communicate those ideas, thoughts, opinions, favorites and "not so much"es!

Experience. - Being customers ourselves, we know what it means to have a great customer experience and how important that is when deciding on who to work with. That is why we strive to deliver our customers the best experience they can get by being available and responsive in the quickest way to our different communication platforms be it email, phone, social media, and our selling channels. We enjoy hearing your feedback, good and bad, and creating action steps to implement change for better. Social media, website updates and email newsletters helps us interact with the public and keep people informed of updates and changes happening within the community. We are genuine and honest about who we are as a company and team. We believe in transparency with our customers so they always feel in the know about what is going on. We will always go the extra mile to show each and every customers just how important they are to us. We consider each customer a member of our family, that is why we are quick to provide solutions and take responsibility if something goes wrong. We are human, mistakes happen, and we own that. We try to make your experience with us as convenient as possible; striving to make the lives of our customers much easier all while providing amazing, colorful moments with our products and innovation!

Be Kind. Being kind is so much cooler than being cool. Our team takes kindness very seriously, cause WHY NOT?! Be sweet and kind to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and strangers. You never know what they are going through! Those values are held and lifted up, high within Thimblepress®. We not only want to be kind to others, we want to inspire and show others how the largest of life's battles can be won with the kindness of heart. Not only battles, but there is something so magical about smiling or waving at complete stranger and getting that simple smile back, or not even a smile, but know you may have just made someone's day a little bit better. Most of the time small acts of kindness take people by complete surprise, sometimes changing views regarding humanity, that it indeed is not lost in the world. Kindness can change, heal, and to us is the best medicine. We want to inspire people to have heart and to put jealousy, mean thoughts, fears, worries, and hurt aside and let kindness in.

"Kindness and a smile are worth much more than a frown." - Kristen Ley

Thimblepress®, all of the above!

See some images below of how we (literally) use Thimblepress® core values each day!

The above image is a corner in our Pop-Up Retail shop at Highland Village Jackson! You can see all kinds of Thimblepress® products as well as goodies from various brands such as; Emily Ley, Katie Leamon, Packed Party and more!

Custom painting by artist and owner, Kristen Ley! Each small painting on the side are actually prints cut out of our Perpetual Celebrations Calendar!

Kristen designed and printed custom Thimblepress® stationery for our team! Look closely in your next Thimblepress package! We hold these values close to our hearts, soul and mind!

What are some of your core values? Do you own a business and have specific core values for your team? Leave a comment and let's chat about it! We are always open for a good conversation and meeting new friends!


Team Thimblepress

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