DIY Construction Paper House Plants

With Earth Day just around the corner, we thought this would be a fun project to do to celebrate nature and create super stylish construction paper house plants (that you never have to water like our Florever Cards). We have been super inspired by bold shapes cut out of construction paper. We like to glue them on different surfaces and play with different design configurations.
We were up one night (literally until 4 am) crafting away with construction paper.
It all began when we started cutting out leaf shapes one by one. The leaf shapes then led to the idea of construction paper plants. We found the process of making them to be so simple and the result, pretty dang cool. So we put together some simple steps to creating your own DIY construction paper plants! Enjoy! xo, Kristen
Supplies You’ll Need:
  • Construction Paper in greens for plants and colors you want for planters
  • scissors
  • glue (or modge podge, rubber cement, glue stick)
  • optional: large sheet of paper to place plant on
  • optional: paint for a painterly backdrop
  • optional: crayons, colored pencil or oil pastel to add texture and designs to planters and leaves.
  • optional: leaves from your yard to use to trace for leaf shape
  1. Find all the green hues and then pull colors out that you may want as your planters. I picked terra cotta & pink colors as my planter color. Set all the paper to the side.
  1. Creating the leaves. You can easily forage in your front or back yard to find leaves to trace, or you can create your own imaginative leaves. We have included a template of shapes for that can be used to trace around & create leaf shapes if there is no access to outside or inside leaves or don't feel comfortable free-styling a leaf shape. We recommend cutting out the template shape or using the leaf shape from outdoors and tracing around it with a pencil onto your construction paper.
  1. Once the leaves have been traced or drawn, begin by cutting the parts of the paper plant that will represent the planter. To achieve the half circle, simply fold a sheet of construction paper in half and cut a half-circle out of it starting at the folded edge and finishing at the other side of the folded edge. From there, cut the circle in half to create the semi-circle. Free-styling a semi-circle is also an option!
  1. Begin cutting out leaves and piling them up. If you feel like you have enough to begin gluing, by all means go ahead and start. The thing about this project, there is no need to be perfect. Nature is organic, messy & fun, so do the same thing with your construction paper plants. Have fun and get a little messy!
  1. We use Modge Podge to glue everything down to the paper, but regular glue, rubber cement or any type of adhesive would work just as good. Glue sticks are also great as they don't bubble up like some glues do when left to dry under paper. Begin gluing the leaves and planter down, have fun and create some unique shapes and plants!
  1. Drawing on top of the planter and leaves with colored pencil, oil pastel or crayons is super fun and totally optional. It does add a fun level of detail to the plants and planter, but make sure all the glue has dried before any drawing begins. Otherwise, the paper may tear with the glue still wet!
  1. VOILA! The construction paper plant is complete! Frame it on your wall or use decorative washi tape to the edges and adhere to the wall. Regardless what you do with it, this project is super fun and easy to do with any age (well, minus babies!)
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