DIY Florever Flower Place Cards!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

With Easter on Sunday and so many Garden Parties planned, we wanted to show you how we are setting just one of many tables this spring! We decided to make DIY name tags with our Florever Card Collection! Name tags can get as personable and unique as you want! Plus, our Florever collection consists of six total bouquets and plants, so each one can be different for each guest (depending on how many you are hosting!) We wanted to keep a super neutral color palette on the table so the floral cards would S H I N E!

If you know us well, you know we LOVE gold. Gold everything! Right?! We wanted to add as much gold and white to the table. When we think about place setting, we really try to have one focal point! We wanted the Florever Cards to be the shining star on the table, like artwork on a white wall! So with incorporating golds, whites and neutrals. . . the flowers just shine!

For one setting, we placed the cards on top of the plate, so our handwritten note on the back can be read easily right when they sit down!

For some settings, we used the florever card stand to stand up the bouquet! It adds a little quirkiness / realness to the table. We are swooning! Which setting do you like the best?

We hand wrote our guests name on the message card! A message, name or saying can be written on the gold, foil-stamped enclosure card that slides right onto the bouquet of flowers.

Each hand-painted design has been created into a specialty, die-cut card that contains a pop-out stand in the back for easy tabletop display. You can either set them on the plate or display them standing up with the stand in the back!

We had so much fun making each place setting different! Thats why we love using our Florever Cards as place cards, it's totally unique and out of the norm! These cards can be used for any occasion or celebration. Enjoy the Florever bouquet *FOREVER*, as it is a floral arrangement that never needs watering! Now let's share a glass of bubbly!

You can shop the collection HERE or if you're local, come check us out downtown or in our Pop-up location in the Highland Village Shopping Center!


Team Thimblepress


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