DIY Halloween Costume | Confetti Girl!

Happy Monday, friends!!

Who out there is feeling like a superhero, ready to conquer this week?!? We sure are! To kick off the week, we’re sharing our DIY tutorial on how to make a superhero costume… “Confetti Girl!” Her extraordinary power: showering the world with confetti and kindness! resizecg

Check out the instructions below!

Materials Needed: diycg Step 1: Mix 2 parts Mod Podge with 1 part water in a spray bottle. Shake well until well mixed. Step 2: Spray the Mod Podge Mixture onto the back of the superhero cape until the cape is lightly saturated all over. (But careful not to spray too much Mod Podge - if you apply too much, the cape will become stiff!) Step 3: Sprinkle confetti all over the cape and let dry overnight. Step 4. Using paintbrush/foam brush, apply Mod Podge over the Superhero Eye Mask and Arm Bands. Step 5: Generously cover the Eye Mask and Arm Bands with confetti. Let dry overnight. Step 6: To make the belt, cut a strip of paper from heavy card stock, vinyl paper, flexible cardboard, etc. (whatever you have on hand that’s durable, but flexible). We cut our strip approximately 32”W x 3”H. Step 7: Using paintbrush/foam brush, apply Mod Podge onto belt and cover with confetti. Let dry overnight. And you're done! To complete the look, we paired these DIY confetti accessories with a pink metallic skirt, a sequins tank top, pink cosplay wig, and confetti covered boots. resizecg 1 2 3 4 5 6 diycg

So, get your confetti cape on, courageous LADY heroines! It's time to save the day! We can't wait to see yours!

Happy Confetti-ing!


Team Thimblepress

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