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Hello, Tuesday! You are lookin' mighty fine!

We are so excited to share our fourth and final Halloween DIY Costume with you - A Fantastically furry and luscious hot pink Flamingo! As you know, our love for flamingo motifs in every form is no secret. With its pink feathers, slender neck and legs that go on forever, the flamingo is a pretty fabulous bird! We had so much fun making this DIY Costume. Shiny metallic clothing, feathers, pink boas…what’s not to love, right?!


Check out the instructions below.

diyflamingoblog Materials Needed: Instructions: To make the Flamingo Skirt: Step 1: Thread the yarn (either color) through the skirt - 4 times horizontal. 4 times vertical. This creates a grid on the skirt which will be used to attach the paper fringe, boa feathers and string. Step 2: Poke 8 holes into top of skirt. Step 3: Cut feather boa into eight pieces of various lengths ranging from 12”-16.” String boa feathers through the holes in the top of the skirt; so they will dangle down vertically. Step 4: Cut the dark pink festoon into 30 pieces. Cut them into a variety of lengths ranging from 8”-14.” Tie these pieces onto the horizontal string grid to give textural feel. Step 5: Follow step 4 above using the light pink festoon. Step 6: Cut dark pink yarn into 40 pieces. Cut into a variety of lengths from 6”-10”. Tie these pieces onto the string grid to add additional texture and layers. Step 7: Follow step 6 above using the light pink yarn Step 8: Continue filling in the skirt with paper fringe, boa feathers, and string by tying to the yarn grid. Once you have a full, textured, layered look you’re done with the skirt. To make the Flamingo shirt Step 1: Cut the light pink festoon into twelve 14” pieces. Step 2: Cut the feather boa into six 14” pieces. Step 3: Lay out the shirt. Using hot glue gun, glue 2 pieces of the festoon onto the front of the shirt. Then glue 1 piece of feather boa below it. Alternate until the shirt is layered all the way to the bottom (2 pieces festoon, 1 piece boa, 2 pieces festoon, 1 piece boa, and so on). Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the back of the shirt. To make the Beak: Step 1: To make the flamingo beak, cut a circle out of white posterboard (approximately 6” diameter). Then, cut a tall triangle out of the black posterboard (cut to fit the wearer). Step 2: Glue the black triangle to the end of the white circle. Trim, as needed, then carefully bend into the shape of a beak. Step 3: Attach string to each side of the beak so it can be attached to wearer.

That's it! We have had so much fun making DIY Costumes for Halloween!











What a cutie!

If you've made any of the costumes, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram using the #thimblepressDIYcostume! We love to see what you guys are making! You can also send photos to to earn a chance to win a giant goodie bag filled with Thimblepress® goodies! Totally worth it! Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Can’t wait to see your own DIY costumes!

Happy sewing!


Team Thimblepress

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