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We have been secretly planning our Halloween outfits for (many) months! And we are seriously excited about Halloween. Who else is ready??! Check out our first DIY Halloween costume! This costume is inspired by our very own Push-Pop Confetti™(obviously!) We had so much fun making it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies: diyconfetticostume Instructions Step 1: Roll out the Clear Vinyl Plastic Using the wearer for reference, cut one piece of plastic long enough to comfortably fit around the wearer (like a tube). We cut ours 75”W x 33”H (This will be the Inner Tube) Step 2: Using the wearer for reference, mark where arm holes should be on the Inner Tube with pieces of masking tape. Carefully cut arm holes from the plastic sheet using an exacto knife and a pair of good scissors. We measured down 2.5” down from the top of the plastic and cut arm holes out from (6”W x 7”H). Step 3: Cut a second piece of vinyl plastic that is 5” longer than the first (80”W x 33”H) (This will be the Outer Tube) Step 4: Repeat step two for the outer tube. Carefully cut arm holes from the plastic tube using an x-acto knife and a pair of good scissors. Measure and cut holes out for arms. (6”W x 7”H) Step 5: Using the vinyl plastic sheet from Step 1 (Inner Tube), apply Mod Podge over the entire surface and cover with confetti. Let dry completely overnight. Step 6: Using paintbrush, cover the inside of the Plastic Ice Bucket with Mod Podge. Generously sprinkle confetti all over. Let dry completely overnight (This will become the push pop cap). Step 7: Cut 4 foam noodles into various shapes and sizes (these will be confetti pieces). We used pink, green, yellow, blue foam noodles. Step 8: Cut pieces of the gold and silver wrapping paper (these will be more confetti pieces - can’t have too much, right?!) Step 9: Using hot glue gun, glue down the foam pieces, silver confetti pieces, and gold confetti pieces onto the confetti-covered inner tube. Let dry completely. Step 10: Get ice bucket/push pop cap. Using hot glue gun, fill the inside of the “cap” with foam pieces. Cut 2 pieces strips of plastic sheet (10”W x 1”H) and glue them to the inside of the ice bucket. This will serve as the “straps” to hold the Push Pop Cap on your head. Step 11: Overlap and hot glue the ends together of the inner tube. Hold in place until cool. (Our overlap was 8”). Step 12: Repeat step 9 for the outer tube. Overlap and hot glue the ends together of the inner tube. Hold in place until cool. (Our overlap on the outer tube was 3.5” inches) Step 13. Insert the inner plastic tube into the outer plastic tube (i.e. like a donut); making sure the arm holes line up. Step 14: Connect 2 foam noodles together using painter’s tape. Squeeze 2 foam noodles in between the inner and outer tube and position them horizontally. (This will give the Push Pop shape). Step 15: Roll out Kraft Paper and cut piece 80”W x 3”H (this will be the Push Pop Label) Step 16: Trace/Print “Confetti Push Pop” onto the Kraft Paper. Use Sharpie Marker to fill in. Wrap Label around the Push Pop Body and secure with hot glue gun. Step 17. Cut 10 pieces of wire at a variety of lengths, 12” to 24.” Attach foam pieces to end of the wire (to make it look like confetti is popping out!) Step 18. Punch holes through inner plastic tube with wire and arrange the wire so it looks like the foam pieces are “popping out!”



Underneath, we paired the costume with Metallic Silver Leggings and a Metallic Silver Crop Top.

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I mean how C-U-T-E! Want to make your own? Or maybe you have another #thimblepressdiycostume idea?! Send us photos to and we'll send you a giant goodie bag filled with Thimblepress® goodies! Totally worth it! Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Can't wait to see your own DIY costumes!

Make sure to stay tuned for our other #thimblepressdiycostumes headed to the blog!

Happy Crafting!

Team Thimblepress®

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