DIY Pumpkin Place Card Holders

Hi friends! Amanda here- today, I'll be showing you how to make the EASIEST confetti pumpkin, place card holders for your Thanksgiving table this year! All you need are some baby sized pumpkins, some left over confetti from an All that Glitters Push Pop or Confetti Card, some white paint and our Marbled Place Cards. Simple right? Alright, let's dive in!

Lay out your small pumpkins on some white butcher paper or newspaper ( I have a larger pumpkin out as well because I wanted to paint it for my table centerpiece) and gather your left over confetti and put it in a small bowl. Take your white, acrylic paint and a small brush and paint your pumpkins white.

Once you've painted them all, add a second coat of paint to make sure they are a clean, bright white. After you paint the second coat on one pumpkin, dip the pumpkin in the confetti bowl while the paint is still wet ( We're using the paint as a glue for the confetti). Repaint and dip each pumpkin one at a time.

Let the pumpkins dry COMPLETELY! ( This is an important step!) Then take one pumpkin and paint the stem white. While your paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter all over the stem. You may have hold the pumpkin sideways to coat the stem completely. Once done, blow off the excess glitter that is on the actual pumpkin. If you find that the glitter is stuck to the white paint on the pumpkin, just simply paint over the glitter that is anywhere on the pumpkin other than the stem.

Let your stems dry, then slice a tiny slit in the top of the stem for the place card.

Insert your marbled place cards and there ya have it! A perfect way to add some SOPHISTICATED, fun to your table this Thanksgiving!

Thanks for following along today! Happy crafting! Xoxo- Amanda

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