Event Design : Recap + DIY's to Try

Over the last couple of weeks we've been sharing tidbits here and there for an in-progress event design project we were hard at work on, and last Friday was the big day! We're happy to say the event was a big success, and we had so much fun styling and creating items for this 70's themed bash. We've actually fallen in love with a number of the DIY designs we created so much so, that we are recreating and decorating with a number of them here at the studio, and we thought it only appropriate to share. Continue on for images from the event, DIY decor projects and details on where we found these goods!

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Thimblepress_JA_backdropMoss + Floral Photo Backdrop // We started with a 4x8 Plyboard, painted with a gold acrylic paint, then covered with moss, yellow gerber daisies, carnations, and white daisies all secured by a trusty glue gun! We love the way this turned out and think it could be a great and easy addition to any party. And note, this moss is AMAZING and goes so far! We used 2 boxes total for our entire event and it was plenty. Thimblepress_JA_wreath

DIY Moss and Daisy Wreath // Like we said, this moss = the best! We made 2 wreaths for the dual entry doors and these were so simple and quick to make. Start with a wire wreath frame, wrap with moss pieces and hot glue in place, then hot glue faux gerber daisies on top to your hearts desire. Love this look for the bash, but alternately these could look amazing with faux succulents for summer/spring or twigs and berries in fall/winter. A great and low cost idea for home, party or even wedding decor.

Thimblepress_JA_FringeDIY Fringe Garland // This design is simple as pie but still very visually impactful. We found vintage fabric in fun and playful colors and patterns, ripped into strips and knotted along a piece of twine to create a hangable garland which we used throughout the space to accent areas.

DIY 3D Peace Sign Wall Hanger // This next project is a little more involved, but so rewarding and unique! Follow these step by step instructions below to your final product.


1// Take a cardboard box (yay, recycling!) and cut out a circle to desired size carefully with a box cutter. Ours 3.5 feet across for our large scale event, but smaller would work great for a smaller space.

2// Cut a long strip (or multiple strips) of cardboard, making sure these are straight and even. Our strips were 6 inches across to pair with our large circle.

3// Measure multiple points to the center of your cardboard strip and dot or draw a straight line in the center.

4// Run a bead of hot glue down this center line, and wrap this line to the edge of circle, making your circle 3D!

5// Decorate to your hearts desire! For ours, we hot glued moss and assorted flowers in the form of a peace sign.

ALTERNATE IDEA : Punch holes and insert globe lights to form a shape and create a marque light!

Cheers and happy creating friends! And, as always, stay tuned for more DIY goodness and inspiration!

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