FIVE Different Ways to Keep You Organized This Year!

Hey Friends! Happy Thursday!

Today we wanted to chat with you about getting organized!

Celebrations Calendar! This perpetual calendar features 12 original hand painted illustrations and gold foil accents on each page. Use this calendar year after year to remember important celebrations and recurring dates or clip and use these illustrations for display in your home. Click the image to shop!

Perfect for that weekly grocery list! Click the image to shop!

We are in love with one of our newest notepads because IT'S HUGE! Seriously, it's 11 inches by 11 inches! Perfect for those to-dos that are never ending! It always helps us to have enough space to write out our to-dos + future plans! Shop now!

Dreammmmm, dreaaaaammmm dreamm! Keeps everything in one place, in one book, in one journal! The best companion!

Last but not least, we have our All in a Weeks Work notepad! Write down each task on the day it's due! Keeps us organized and never late! Shop our notepads now!

We seriously love being organized. That's why we make so many products to help you stay organized because it helps us live better lives! If we are organized, that we work more diligently at work and outside of work!

Want to get more organized?! Use code TPORGANIZE for 10% off your order to help you get a start on gettin' organized!

Cheers! Have an idea or subject you'd like for us to explore to talk about on The Thread?! Make sure to leave us a comment and let's chat about it!

Team Thimblepress


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