Friday Finds: Dream Travel Location!


We never complain when it's a short week! Today is a dreamy Friday Finds, we are exploring our dream travel locations! You are hearing from yours truly, ThimbleTeam! Check out our photo board below with some seriously dreamy images of places we will go soon, WE JUST KNOW IT!

. . .

Don't these places look SO DREAMY! Ooooohh yes! We can't wait to go travel to each place! Check out the numbers below as to where each number is in the world + who, from our team, suggested each dreamy place!

1, 2, 3 - from Celine: Monaco

"Total dream vacation, because why not?! I would stay here Hotel de Paris Monte- Carlo, soak up the sun on the French Riviera and scuba dive in the Mediterranean Sea."

4, 5, 6 from Claire: The Maldives

"Relaxation central. And this Milhaidhoo Resort looks like perfection! I honestly wonder if I could handle so much beautifulness." 7, 9 from Haley: Big Sur in California "I’ve always wanted to travel down Highway 1 on the California coast! So many things to do and see." 8, 11, 13 from Kristen: Cuba "There are a million places I want to go and see! If I had to pick one I just can’t, so I am going to give you seven places I want to do in the next 10 years! I would love to go to Tokyo (Japan), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), the French coastline (Nice particularly, but also Monaco & Cannes), the Amalfi coast with stays in Tuscany, Florence & Rome (Italy), Indonesia with stays in Bali & Yogyakarta, New Zealand & Cuba. One day! I think the one that I am going to try to go to first is Cuba. I was looking up places to stay a few months ago. Typically, I try to find an Air BnB when I go places, but as far as hotels in Cuba, I think I would stay HERE or HERE (images via google search)" 12, 14, 20 from MK: Diving in Egypt & Patagonia "I really can’t just pick one place, so here are my two! :) 12: Egypt (diving) - "I know you think I want to go for the pyramids or the Great Sphinx, which is true, buuuut I also want to go for the diving! I would stay in this dream !! Hello, did you see that infinity pool?!?" 14, 20: Best of Patagonia Tour - "I’ve been dreaming of Patagonia for years now. The link I attached is for a tour, so you’d be staying at the provided accommodations. A little more research would be needed, but this looks like a great overall gist of Patagonia to me! :) " 16, 17, 18 from Kate: BALI, Indonesia "PLEASE TAKE ME THERE. Amazing beaches, architecture, design and style. They also rely heavily on meditation, which is amazing. I want to learn from the professionals in Bali on different meditation techniques. This would be a dream to visit and I’d stay HERE" 10, 15, 19, 21 from Meredith: Santorini, Greece "Greece has always been on my bucket list and I have not spent any time on the Mediterranean. I love being on the water and from what pictures I have seen, Greece has some of the bluest! Hotel: Astra Suites"

Have any dreamy place you'd love to travel?! Let us know in the comments below! Happy Friday!

Safe travels,

Team Thimblepress!


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