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Hey friends! If you've been following along with us over the past week or so, you may know we just expanded our studio space (Hooray!!). All of this moving and grooving along with many employees means that organization is a MUST! All of our products, packaging, documents and office necessities have to have a home and often must be properly labeled to keep up functioning at full capacity. So, this week our team has created a Friday Finds round up of Organizational things we love, things we use and organized spaces and products that inspire us. And, we've also taken some snapshots of our organizational methods around our new space so far. Note: don't judge us to harshly, we've only had a couple days to get situated, but we thought it only appropriate to share. And, lets all agree to never underestimate the eternal power of a bright Post-it® and a Sharpie®!

What are your favorite ways or tools to keep your life organized? Leave us a comment and join in on the conversation!


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CLICK ANY IMAGE BELOW to enlarge to view some of our new #thimblepressexpansion space and organizational methods!

Last note before we kick off the weekend and it's a doozy...

Monday we'll begin taking pre-orders for our newest and most favorite way to keep up with re-occurring important dates--

Our Perpetual Celebrations Calendar!!!

See a peek below and stay tuned on Monday to see how to order!


Happy weekending and organizing friends!!

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