Friday Finds | Summer Picnic Recipes!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! Anyone going to a picnic this weekend?! Today we've rounded up some yummy recipes that our team is bringin' on a picnic this weekend! Our team has some seriously delicious dishes from dips to homemade pickles! Check out the goodness below!

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LIKE YUMMM! Look at all this goodness! Check out our recipes below! Do you have a good recipe you'd like to share?! Make sure to leave a comment and let's chat about it!


CELINE: Southwestern Potato Salad "I like Bobby Flay’s kicked up version of potato salad. It’s spicy and smokey and offers something different than the traditional potato salad!" CLAIRE: Guac! "Why do I like it? Guacamole is life. Duh." MK: Grilled Spiced Peaches (Paleo) - "I cannot get enough of these peaches! They are so easy and so delicious!" Kristen: Grandmother's Secret Simple Dill Pickle Recipe - "So so so yummy! And it make's it so much delicious knowing that it's my sweet Grandmother's personal recipe!" KATE: Avocado Hummus! - "It’s light, green and yummy! Pair it with Wasa crackers and it’s the perfect snack that’s healthy for you, it’s high in GOOD fat!" HALEY: Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad "Super easy, delicious, & almost too pretty to eat!" MEREDITH: Black bean, corn, and Edamame Salad (my recipe varies a bit but this is the gist!) "It is summery and delicious and can be used in a number of ways. It is great to take to parties and use as a dip or just eat plain as a side. Sometimes I even add quinoa and grilled chicken to it and make it into a bowl for weekly lunches."

Is your mouth watering yet?! How delicious do these sides look? We can't wait for our picnic this weekend!

We hope you have a safe and beautiful weekend! Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Team Thimblepress



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