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You guys, there are a few things the whole Thimble-team agrees on and are all equally passionate about- paper (of course), fun, and SWEET TREATS. As a whole, we have an unstoppable love of sugary goodness and even products that resemble sweets. This week, we asked around for each team member to contribute a favorite "Summer Sweet Treat" and what we got was a mountain of sugary responses. So much so, that we had to break our round-up into TWO round-ups! One for the actual treats we love and one for the best product representations of them. What are your favorite summer sweets? Leave a comment below and join in on the conversation!

(INSIDE SCOOP: Stay tuned in to our Insta-feed next week for a sweet Insta-giveaway...)



Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita

Donut Assortment

Fireworks Jr. Popsicle

Yasso® Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars

Salty Dog Cocktail

Strawberry Buttermilk Popsicle

Icecream Cone Cupcakes! @those_hungry_homies>

Vietnamese Coffee Pops

Sno Cone Flavors

Need even more recipe inspirations? Check out some awesome Summer cocktail recipes by Z Gallerie HERE


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Here's to a sweet weekend! Stay cool friends!


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