Friday Spooky Finds!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! Ahhhh! Check out a few cool finds, ideas, DIYs and more below! Happy Friday!

  1. Friday the 13th TRUE meaning {spooky!}
  2. DIY Sparkle Pumpkins: the HOW -TO and more! How cute are these?!
  3. Thimblepress® DIY Halloween costumes from last year! Check em out! Flamingo, Confetti Girl, Piñata Disco Queen + Push-Pop Confetti™!
  4. Ways to help California in the midst of the horrible wildfires! See information HERE!
  5. We are def making these next week and bringing them to work!!
  6. How do you feel about this new trend?! Magnetic Eye Lashes?! What are your thoughts?!
  7. Love seeing makeup artist Yasaman Gheidi do her thang on insta. Check out these costumes!! (We love her hair so much!)

Have a great weekend friends!

xo, Thimblepress

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