The Fun Behind #thimbleconfetti!

Hey friends! Happy Hump Day!

We are loving everyone's Valentine's Day photos from yesterday!!! It makes us oh-so-happy! Have you been checking out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook?! Those are some of our favorites! And let's not forget about Pinterest!!! We love sharing photos on our social media platforms, it's a huge part of Thimblepress not to mention all the great inspiration out there! One of the main aspects of social media in todays word is HASHTAGS! ###### Oh yes and we love them! It's such a perfect way to see so many interesting, different and creative photos from all over the world!!

So today, we wanted to go into depth about one of our most favorite hashtags we use, #thimbleconfetti! It says it all in the name! Whenever a customer purchases any style of our Push-Pop Confetti™, Confetti Card or Colassal Confetti we urge them to post a photo and use the hashtag #thimbleconfetti!

See below some of our favorite customer photos using #thimbleconfetti!

(image by @shannonlknudsen)

(image by @lc_steele)

(image by @meghanklein)

(image by @laceandlikes)

(image by @electric_confetti)

(image by @masondixonmade)

(image by @foragefloral)

(image by @thegalwithpluck)

(image by @maddiebroderick)

(Image by @thimblepress)

(image by @thimblepress)

(image by @thimblepress)

(image by @usweekly)

(image by @lindspie)

(image by @fashionablehostess)

(image by @thimblepress)

Looky! All of our Thimblepress Push-Pop Confetti™, Confetti Cards & Colossal Confetti™ glory in photos! You can shop our full confetti collection HERE!
We get so excited when we see your photos and we may even share it on our social channels! So make sure to always use our #thimbleconfetti hashtag for us to check out your images!!
We can't wait to see! Cheers to a beautiful day! Have a fun hashtag that you like to use?! Leave a comment and let's chat about it!
Team Thimblepress

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