Fun Fair Friday!

Hey Friends!!!

Guess what time it is... the time where when we come to work we smell the fresh fried food and desserts. We see the top of the ferris wheel and hear the police sirens and the lights will possibly go out downtown. THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR, MISSISSIPPI FAIR!!! Check out some Friday Finds that will hopefully get you in the mood to come to the fair!

  1. Gourmet Recipe for a Yummy Made-at-Home Corn Dog!
  2. Check out all these gorgeous Ferris Wheels around the world! AH!
  3. The Most colorful Buildings! Omg! So much love and inspiration!
  4. What's the best friend food you've ever eaten? We love to try the FRIED OREOS at the fair... YUM! Look at these foods! (omg, friend bubble gum?!)
  5. Why it's cool to have a goldfish as a pet! Gonna go win a few to keep at the studio?! Maybe!!!
  6. TAFFY YUMMY! You can get your own Malone's Taffy! And here's how to MAKE IT!
  7. Worlds Scariest Rides! YIKES!
  8. Best shoes to wear at the Fair!

We can't wait! What's your favorite thing about your State Fair?!?! Leave a comment and let's chat about it!!


Happy Weekend!


Team Thimblepress

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