Furnishing and decorating our new retail shop!

When it came to getting our second location / pop-up shop ready in Highland Village, I knew I was going to be very different from our downtown shop, specifically due to the fact our downtown Jackson shop is housed in the oldest commercial buildings in our city. Our downtown shop features exposed brick, concrete floors, high vaulted ceilings, etc. With the Highland Village shop, it is opposite, and in a good way that we knew we could work with. The Highland Village shop was a clean, white wall canvas for us to make our own. We really took advantage of the white walls and created colorful art and purchased modern & colorful displays and accessories to really play up the look we were going for. If you know me, you know I am thrifty and always look to find really awesome stuff, for an affordable price. I also didn't have a huge budget for this shop, so I spent a lot of time researching places for us to source items from. Our first stop, that is a favorite of mine, is Magnolia Flea Market on Highway-49 South. If you have a local flea market, I urge to you look there first. We ended up finding so many charming shelves, tables and displays. We added white paint and voila, the displays and tables were brand new, clean and modern. They took a little time to paint and dry, but for the prices we got them for it was well worth it. The other items we found from places like eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Clear Displays (Clear Solutions), Ikea and Wayfair.

Since the shop has opened, we keep getting asked where we found all of our rugs, displays, furniture, so I decided to make a Friday Finds post dedicated to where we sourced a lot of our items from. Keep in mind a lot of them were from the flea market, but there were still a ton from online! Happy shopping and weekend!

xo, Kristen


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20" Disco Ball White spinner rack (we painted it white) Store Counter Great orange & pink rug Fun, pink chair (paint the legs gold) Awesome gold chandelier Short white shelf

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