Thimble-Thoughts: Handwritten Letters

Hi friends!

Today, we are talking about handwritten letters. Yep! The old school snail mail + stamp and a trip to the post office kind! When you receive a handwritten letter in the mail, what do you immediately feel? Smiles? Good vibes? A warm heart? We know we love a good handwritten letter. We love them so much we have a collage of written notes that our team and Thimblepress® owner, Kristen Ley, has received this year in our studio break room!


Writing handwritten letters is a huge part of our brand. Whether our team is writing them to each other, writing to our customers and retailers or just sending a simple hello to a friend, a hand-written letter is an every day routine for us!

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What makes a handwritten note important to you? We think just the simple action means more than anything. Someone is taking the time to hand write their feelings, emotions or just appreciation onto paper. It can mean more than any gift out there! Well, at least we think so ;)


Our hope is that we, as a team and a brand, help encourage you to write more letters to the ones you care about. Pick up a pen and write a little note, it will change their whole day!


Who will you send a card too? A special birthday guy or gal, or maybe a friend for no occasion at all. We promise they will appreciate it either way!

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Written with love,

Team Thimblepress®

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