How to Write the PERFECT Letter!

Hi Friends!

Forgive us for being fashionably late, but April was #nationalwritingmonth! And we totally, totally forgot to do a blog post here on The Thread, specifically about letter writing! So with April being such a GREAT month for all us stationary peeps, we wanted to share with you some ideas and suggestions on how to write the perfect letter!

Here at Thimblepress, we believe writing letters is truly a beautiful art form that is classic, chic and extremely kind. You're going the "extra" mile and in our eyes, that's HUGE! Anyone is lucky to receive a letter and writing the perfect letter can be a pleasure in and of itself! *Especially when the letter is written on AH-mazing stationery! Shop all our cards HERE! We have a full collection of cards ranging from Hello to Happy Birthday to CHEERS! So pick your favorite and let's get started!

Here are a few tips on writing the perfect letter!

  1. Choose a Topic - The first and most important aspect of writing THE perfect letter is choosing the topic you want to write about! After you have chosen who you are writing the letter to, you then must choose the general topic of why you are writing the letter to that specific person. Sometimes for us, it could be "just because" or just to "say hello." Maybe for you, it might be because you are thankful for them, or maybe they did something really nice for you. Or, is it because you appreciate them for listening to you when you had a bad day last week? The perfect letter has a general topic that the letter is centered upon which brings everything written in the letter together!
  2. Use Descriptive Adjectives - Using descriptive adjectives can go a long way in making a letter interesting, unique and super fun to read! Descriptive adjectives actually create emotion, which is the primary goal when writing a letter. Evoking emotion in a letter is phenomenal, and the best way to do that is by using the best adjectives! For instance, if you are writing a letter to your husband thanking him for cooking dinner, don't forget to use words such as "tasty" "Yummy" "oh-so delicious," etc. Using words like these in a letter paints a picture that can be visualized!
  3. Don't Forget the Details - One of the best things about a wonderful letter is that it includes many details and truly tells a story all on it's own. In order to write the perfect letter, make sure to explain key points as thoroughly as possible! For instance, if you are writing a letter to a loved one and you want to thank them for something they did for you, explain to them in detail of all the reasons why you appreciate them. Don't forget to include how they make you feel and how amazing they are as people. The best letters are the ones that don't hold back on details or emotions!

So now is the time to get your letter writing on! Have a question about writing letters, where to buy the best stationery or an idea that you'd like to explore on our blog, The Thread?! Just leave us a comment and let's chat about it!

Can't wait to see all your letters! Make sure to use the hashtag #thimblepress if you are sending out a Thimblepress card! Plus you may even get a surprise in the mail from our team!

Happy Writing!


Team Thimblepress


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