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It's almost Valentine's which for a lot of us means getting dolled up and heading out on the town! Whether it's with our guys or our best gal pals, getting fancy is always a fun treat. And today we're excited to bring you an interview with an expert on the topic from right here in our great state of Mississippi- Amy Head, owner and creative director of Amy Head Cosmetics! Enjoy and be sure to check out Amy's full line with the links at the end of this post!

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How did Amy Head Cosmetics get started?

I’m probably asked this question several times a day. The short answer is “closed doors, opened doors”. Many doors closed in my life that very much disappointed me but allowed other doors to open, which eventually led me to this wonderful vocation. I wanted to be a doctor, I thought, and even today I am fascinated with the body, how it works and what it needs. Some might say that I’m a “health nut”. But that didn’t work out the way I planned along with some other things I was counting on.

Then along came my wonderful husband Harold, who helped me see that the impossible can be possible. Watching him build a thriving commercial photography business when he had no formal training in either photography or business modeled for me, a new way of thinking.


What was the inspiration to take the small business leap?

I knew I had a gift for color and a very sharp sensibility for fashion ever since I was a toddler according to my mother. She would get so frustrated trying to dress me for church that she finally just gave in and would hold me up to the clothes in my closet and let me pick what I wanted to wear. I was 3.

Later on, in September of 1987 the first Amy Head Studio opened. At that time I offered complete image consultation, from hairstyle, to clothes, to makeup.

The blessing in the beginning included Harold witnessing something in me that the “market” needed and he had the entrepreneurial mind to help guide me. Customers were looking for a way to look natural, like them, and feel good about them. I discovered that I had the talent to do just that and how to teach others to do same thing. Closed doors allowed for new and better ones to open.

Explain why the one-on-one experience is important to the brand?

I feel like the universal reason is that its difficult to see ourselves objectively and lovingly, at the same time. It’s also extremely important that we always offer these sessions this way because the fashion/cosmetics industry keeps us confused and wanting, never allowing us to feel as though we have arrived! I want today just the same as 1987 to do the opposite. Provide clarity, an awareness of what’s good and how to use makeup to enjoy it! To stop all the noise!


What is your background?

Big question! Short answer is, it wasn’t until I began modeling that I really started studying natural makeup. Through the trial and error of self-study and Harold’s camera, I developed the techniques and concepts that are used today at Amy Head Cosmetics.


Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration through traveling, restaurants, retail, books/magazines and listening/watching people/observing culture. And yes we do have a love/hate relationship with Social Media and technology:)



What do you like to do when you aren't creating/doing make-up?

When I am not doing make-up sessions or creating, I am cooking, drinking coffee or wine with friends and my husband Harold and sharing life! And just being at home and having a creative day, moving the smallest treasures around giving them and our home a new energy. Also traveling to see our daughter MacKenzie in Nashville and quick get-aways to New Orleans!


What are your favorite local places to shop and dine?

We have so many local treasures and love it all, particularly the locally owned. Jackson and Ridgeland/Madison have so much to offer. Ely's across the street from our Ridgeland location is home away from home. Local 463 is on the way home so we stop quite often. We go south to Fondren also for a change of scenery and enjoy all that is there. I do not shop much. I do not take the time, I admit, but goodness, we have great stores! Some include, Maison Weiss, Blithe and Vine, 4450, Coattails, Libby Story, DSquared, Treehouse, I am afraid of leaving someone out! I could use something from them all in my wardrobe!


What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?

It's where we put down roots in business and with our people. Its about the people. We also have beautiful 7 acres of woods in Madison county that would be unattainable anywhere else we might want to live. Its simply the energy and restfulness that so much of our personal history having been in MS provides, vs the excitement but un-ease going to a new place might bring.



How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi?

Well all I can do is hope is that contributing to the well-being of our females plays a part of the weaving of a healthy and thriving community. Females drive the movement of culture from every direction. Spiritually and economically. Women/girls and their well-being in the area that I work is still my mission.

As far as the image goes, well I think innovative entrepreneurism may make us look better to those that still view as uncool and backward. To show creativity in business is one cool capability and stay successful in a very very competitive climate should add to our image here. As a matter of fact, we have customers from all over the country that have told me just that. I guess we are doing something right! Whew! Let me be clear though, that that is a natural result of something that is motivated from the heart, not by what this looks like. As always, its a lovely paradox, of the most blessed kind. We are blessed.

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