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Happy Monday! Today is #mississippimonday and we are chatting with one of our all-time Thimble BESTIES, Beth Morgan! Her photography leaves us breathless. Be sure to check out her interview below and her amazing photographs!

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What/who exactly is Beth Morgan Photography? I am a destination photographer capturing couples who are immensely in love, women who seek to tap into the empowering knowledge of her femininity, families that seek authentic imagery from their everyday, and creative businesses that love collaborating to bring love and life to their products. I dance between light and dark; romantic and moody imagery to tell the stories of every person I have the honor to photograph. How did you get started and what was the inspiration to take the small business leap? I always saw images in my head and got my first camera in 7th grade. I would dress up my friends and take pictures of them drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and fashion shows. This of course grew and I got a big girl camera, majored in photography, and fell head over heels in love. I had always seen the world differently and suddenly it all made sense when I realized I was created to see the world differently through the lens of my camera. I was never truly satisfied in the corporate world working for others and there was always this pull (and fear at the same time) to leap towards the dream of photography as a full time career. A major series of events happened before I realized that God was pushing me off of the cliff to jump with the promise that he would guide me and protect me. So, I jumped and I've never looked back. Don't get me wrong, owning your own business is scary as hell, it's hard, it's scary, but on the other side is this immense feeling of accomplishment. I am so thankful that God pushed me off the cliff and I owe EVERY bit of my success to him and his faithfulness. If you are tiptoeing towards that cliff and are scared know that it's normal but know that the adventure after that jump is one of a kind and will lead to greatness. If your greatness is found in owning your own business, don't wait another second...RUN don't walk to the edge and jump with your arms outstretched. I promise you, it's worth it! RyanElizabethESESH_0123 How does Mississippi play a role in your business? I grew up in The Delta and I have a love hate relationship with it. I hate the history entrenched there, but I have this draw and pull to it creatively. I think being raised there shaped my artists heart. There wasn't a ton of emphasis in my school on the arts but there was something almost mystical about that place that drew me with a centrifugal force to create even though there was not official fostering of that until college. I moved away for 7 years and when I asked a friend her thoughts on me moving back she responded, "Beth, it makes so much sense. Your roots are there, your heritage is there, and the art community there is flourishing. Why wouldn't you go back?". So I did, and everything she said is so true and it truly influences my business but even more so, my artists heart. What are your goals for your brand? I am currently growing my brand to be accessible as a destination photographer for weddings all over the US and abroad. I am passionate about serving clients that are super in love, that seek to create unique weddings that express their individuality, and want heirlooms to pass on to generations to come that show off their love. My goal is to be a sought after photographer from these couples from all over the world. Another goal is growing my Mademoiselle (boudoir) brand to cater to women that desired to be empowered during the process of giving themselves and their significant others the most beautiful gift of vulnerability and femininity. Website_Wedding_Slider_07 What is your background? I was once a triple major in photography, sculpture, and creative writing (why my advisor allowed this I'll never know) :). I ended up with a degree in Liberal Arts with emphasis on art, creative writing, and interior design. Art plays such an important role in my home, the way I approach my work, and ultimately who I am as a person. Where do you find inspiration? This is such an amazing question. I draw inspiration from environments, textures, colors, patterns, authentic living, deep love, movement, a simple touch, and life giving moments that can steal your breath away. Each of these things play a role in every image I capture as I move throughout a wedding day, a family session, or mademoiselle session. WithRecklessAbandon_0063 What do you like to do when you aren't "at the office"? I wish I were cooler than I am but I love spending time with my husband, our fur baby family, and our friends. Our "date nights" are mexican food and movie. I love cooking for my husband and our friends in our little cottage. I also love to spend time with other creatives. It's truly water to my artists heart and I always walk away inspired to create and see the world in a whole new way. I have a group of photographer friends that get together and had day shoots. These shoots through rural areas capturing the life of the people there fuel my creativity to serve my clients better. I also try to do a few styled shoots a year where I get to dream of amazing stories, and ideas for wedding inspirations and find vendors to partner with me to see them come to life. There are so many ways to remain inspired and most take tons of work but I'm finding that I learn so much with every one of them and they help refine my voice as an artist. What are your favorite local places to shop and dine? Thank God I have cool, foodie friends to keep me informed. I love good Mexican, Seafood R'Evolution, Babalu, The Manship, La Finestra. Shopping included Restoration Bathhouse, Anthro, Thimblepress®, antique stores, flea markets. The Delta is a fun place to visit and I love McCarty, Delta Bistro, MS Gifts, and The Alluvian. I encourage everyone to make a trip there. OH and do yourself a favor and make the trip to go to Po Monkeys outside of Cleveland. They're now open on weekends and it's such a fun experience. Website_NeilDani_Slider_39 What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home? When you are an artist from The South, there is the unavoidable pull that's mysterious, even magical at times. It's the people, porch sittin', the artist community, and the desire to be a part of the creative heritage that has come before me. Recent rulings in our government had me questioning why I'm here, but I had a gay friend from MS that now lives in DC say to me, "MS needs people like you to effect change". I love this state of mine and desperately want to be part of seeing change resonate like the sound of cicadas in the summer. How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi? Sheesh, this thought provoking. I think bringing recognition of the good things happening in the state helps others see it as a beautiful place to visit or even live. I think on a smaller scale, what I am able to do (and what I'm passionate about) is preserve the heritage of my clients by creating imagery that will be cherished for generations to come. DylanMasa_0064

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The last photo was captured so perfectly by Beth. A moment of raw love and happiness in one amazing black and white photo. Gives us CHILLS! We know you want to see more of Beth's work! Check her out here:


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