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We are excited, as always, to have our good friend Katie of The Mississippi Experience back to contribute as a guest editor in our Mississippi Monday Series! Today, she's brought us a recent interview and photo sesh with musician, Brennan White of Codetta South.

Read on for the full interview and check out a sample of Brennan's work and where to find him below...



What’s a typical Friday night for you? As of lately, I’ve spent just about every day working on new songs for my album that I’ve been recording. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably rewatching “Good Will Hunting” or “Sleepwalk with me” for the thousandth time. 1 What sparked your interest in playing and creating your own music? My father was in the music industry for a long time so for as long as I can remember, there’s been instruments lying around the house. I would say that my brother was the one who really sparked my interest in creating my own music though. We used to play and write songs together and it was with him that I played my first show. However awkward it must have been for his friends watching us play slow, melodramatic music in a dimly lit garage, I feel it was an important night simply because of the fact that we followed through with it. But let me stress again how awkward it was – cause it was awkward. How did Codetta South come to be and what’s the story behind the name? Well I formed a band in high school, Chasing Edom, but recently decided in early 2015 that after five and a half years, it was my time to leave. Codetta South is just me as of now, but I hope to add some touring members once the ball starts rolling a little more. The moniker spawned from my love for the south and a name I’ve chosen for my future daughter, although she has yet to attain a mother or even a birth date. What can I say? I’m a man with a plan. Do you listen to your own music and sing along in the car? Only if I’m writing a new song and I’m trying to come up with more words or a melody on top of a guitar part I’ve written. Ideally, I try to write the kind of music I’d like to listen to, so it’s not uncommon for me to have a melody stuck in my head for a few days at a time as I try and finish the full image of the song. Have you lived in Mississippi your whole life? I was actually born in Nashville and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, which is about twenty minutes east of Nashville. 8 How has Mississippi influenced you as an artist?

Mississippi has slowly but surely integrated itself into my music. From what I saw of Nashville, there wasn’t much variety as far as genres go. In Jackson, I can go listen to jazz, blues, indie rock, country, folk, or even hardcore almost any night of the week. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that’s something a person could do as easily in Nashville.

What’s your favorite thing/place about/in Mississippi?

Two things come to mind: The Ross Barnett reservoir and my parents’ lake house in Yazoo. The reservoir has become a very sentimental place for me, as it probably has for a lot of people, and the lake house is pretty off grid so it’s been a great place to escape to when I feel like writing some new songs.

If you could go on one big adventure, what would it be?

Get married, go on a road trip, buy a tiny house, and move to Chattanooga or Franklin - in that order. Obviously, the married part isn’t something a single guy can plan out, so it may just be me making that trip, but that still sounds like the perfect adventure to me.

. . .

Thanks Katie and Brennan!

Learn more about Brennan and his music, and keep up with him in all these places:


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