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Chances are you've seen the work of d+p Design Build, even if you didn't know it. The designs of team, David Dill and Paul Purser are so seamless and intelligent they often blend right in and create a perfect flow in their environment. From custom home decor pieces to seating areas in Whole Foods of Jackson, MS, these guys are popping up everywhere and adding beauty to our community as they go. Read on for our recent interview with these two gems:

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Q & A with David + Paul:1401678074974

What exactly is D+P ? PAUL - d+p is a Design Build Firm that takes on a wide array of projects. From furniture to home remodel to new construction and even commercial development, d+p works to incorporate good design with solid building practices. We want to produce for our clients projects that last a lifetime and longer. DAVID - Yes, we started as just David Dill and Paul Purser (d+p) doing a variety of jobs and projects and that has continued and evolved. We design everything from furniture to buildings and then also want to build whatever we design. So in the design process, we are also thinking about how to build it. And likewise in the build process, we are able to modify the design if need be. 1428285830848How did you all get started and what was the inspiration to take the small business leap? PAUL - We started our business at a difficult time; the construction industry and specifically in Jackson MS was a beast, slow to get moving again after the financial crisis of 2008. David and I just graduated college with architecture degrees and married a couple of Mississippi girls and knew we needed to find work, so we started just doing whatever we could get our hands on in the construction arena. I remember painting a 4000 square foot house for not a lot of money just to make ends meet. We knew that if we could keep it going then in the hard times, that hopefully it would get easier later, so we formed our company in December 2011 and with the same ethic as before, we started doing our best with whatever project came our way. Now, the Lord has blessed us with enough work to support 4 guys in the construction arena and a continual flow of great furniture projects through our shop! DAVID - We started really out of necessity. We both graduated Architecture School at MSU at a really bad time to be coming out of Architecture School. We both began doing small and odd construction type jobs with some custom furniture mixed in and would use each other as need be. We began to use each other quite a bit and got a point to where we said, why not make this an official business. How does Mississippi play a role in your business? PAUL - Jackson and midtown have been great incubators for creativity and have given us a lot of drive in terms of building up our communities. We see Jackson as an up and coming city that is really showing signs of the beginning of a renaissance, and we say, Bring it on! DAVID - Midtown Jackson has really been a great place for us to grow with the variety of artists down there. Also the majority of our clients are either from Mississippi or live here. In designing built spaces, our climate is always in the back of our mind. In our furniture we use a lot of local woods. Our tables in Whole Foods and CAET are from a tree that fell on West Street. We enjoy using other craftspeople and artists that are local in our projects and jobs. We also make ornaments and cutting boards in the shape of Mississippi. What are your goals for your brand? DSC_0442 PAUL - We want to be known for good design that is original to who we are. Our brand is an extension of who we are and I know I hope that it continues to evolve and grow but from our own persons. DAVID - I want to be the go to business for furniture and built spaces in Mississippi. We have made outdoor tables and benches for Tesla Motors and Chef Michael Symon and ship some of our furniture to all over the US. I hope that continues. What is your background? PAUL - David and I are graduates from a great architecture program at Mississippi State University, go Dawgs! Combined, we have over 12 years of experience in the field of construction. DAVID - Growing up, my grandfather was a hobbyist woodworker and I loved being in his shop. Some our tools and machines were actually his. We both grew up in DIY household, and I remember always doing projects on the many houses we lived in growing up. We both have worked construction in high school and college. We have also both worked for Architecture firms as well. Paul is from Jackson and Mississippi while I have lived in Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Italy, Uganda, and now Mississippi. Paul and I became friends in Architecture school at MSU and I was actually present when Paul met his wife Rachel! We were also both in each other’s weddings. DSC_0179Where do you all find inspiration? PAUL - I always have to pull from surrounding conditions. When designing a home, I need to see the site, check view points and site lines, see what's in proximity. A blank canvas scares the heck out of me. I keep up with magazines like dwell and architectural record, and my wife always keeps me up to date with what's current on Pinterest! These definitely have a weight on my design ethos, but for me true originality has to come from the site. DAVID - Its always great to see other designers’ and artists’ work especially in person. So traveling to other places and seeing what is going is a great source. Social media like Instagram has been beneficial by seeing what other craftspeople are doing all over the world. Although it can be too much. At the furniture level, Danish midcentury is a big inspiration as well. What do you all like to do when you aren't creating/building? PAUL - We both love our families and enjoy spending a lot of time with them when we're able! I also play soccer and softball during their seasons. But the truth is, it's hard to stop creating! There is always some design idea in the back of my mind. DAVID - I agree with Paul, my mind always has a design floating in there! But yes the majority of my time, not working on d+p stuff, is spent with my wife and our two kids. What are your favorite local places to shop and dine? PAUL - Rachel and I love Mr. Chen's on 55; when you can't find us eating a burger at whole foods, we'll be there chowing on some general tso chicken! We also spend most Tuesday nights at Primos (kid's eat free night!). DAVID – Jackson has some really amazing restaurants and we love eating at them. BeanFruit coffee is pretty much the only coffee we brew. We love the Fondren and Belhaven areas and try to shop local whenever possible. What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home? PAUL - My kids are fourth generation Jacksonians. I d+p+-+Twyner+Sideboard+015have roots here, but also as I said previously, I think Jackson is and will be more and more a happening place to be in the next decade. DAVID - My wife, Jocelyn, is from Jackson and we met and got married here. And we have started a business here. We enjoy living here. The people are definitely what made me want to go to college at Mississippi State and stay here. How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi? PAUL - We shape the built environment. That has a lot of influence in people's everyday lives. It also greatly influences outsiders view of Jackson and Mississippi. DAVID - We both are involved at our churches. We also try and also make and give a piece of furniture to 200 Million Flowers’ Art of Adoption Auction. We also make and ship pieces of furniture all over the United States. It’s pretty cool to send a chair or table to New York or California and think that they are buying something from a Mississippi company. We always hope our work reflects the good things of Mississippi.

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