Mississippi Monday : DPM Fragrance

This week, we are enthusiastically presenting the likes of DPM Fragrance as our Mississippi Monday feature. You've likely encountered their amazing fragrances and hand-poured candles in the form of their lines Aspen Bay, Capri Blue and Found Goods. These lines are so perfectly curated from scent, to packaging to branding graphics- we are continually wowed by the greatness these folks put out into the market and are so proud to call them fellow Mississippians. Read on for our short interview with them and a fantastic video about their brand.

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Q & A with DPM:

capriblue_processWhat exactly is DPM Fragrance? DPM Fragrance has proudly called Starkville its home for the last 20 years. Starkville is where many of our craftsmen were raised and the place they still call home. It is the town where we have built our foundation and reputation for creating superior candles and fragrances. This community and our craftsmen, along with hard work and a little luck along the way, have all contributed to create a lasting impression that effortlessly finds its way into every candle we bring to life. Our company store is also located in Starkville, in the heart of downtown. It is our home away from home. We showcase the exceptional work of our craftsman who thoughtfully design, delicately pour, and proudly package every candle you see. Our goal is to curate a collection of quality goods that beautifully complement our DPM products. What or who was your inspiration for starting your business? We’ve always been about a quality product, dating back to our original formulations that we still use today. We believe that candles and home fragrance really can impact your life. The light and fragrance emanated from a candle will completely change your environment. Fragrances play into your memories and emotions. Think about the perfume your mother used to wear, or the smell of your grandfather’s cigar, or the flowers you received from a loved one. When you smell those things again, you’re taken back to those moment, to people, and those places. We truly believe we are creating more than just a candle. foundgoods_soapWho is all involved in your business? We have a close-knit team that collaborates on almost everything! There’s more to be said about this in our about us video! What are your goals for your brand? Our mission is to create and share beautifully fragranced products, fill cherished spaces with light, and stay true to our artisanal values. Our goal is to be the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and selling fragrance to our target market. We will operate on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our business partners and customers, and expanding opportunities for development and growth for our team. We will create a positive customer experience by providing unique, quality products supported by exceptional service with a commitment to environmentally sensitive products crafted in the USA. Where do you find inspiration? We travel all over the world searching for inspiration. We regularly visit antique marks looking for ideas and inspiration that we can incorporate into our design process. We have an amazing team of product designers who stay current the market trends! capriblue What are your favorite local places to shop and dine? Our company store of course! How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi? We have hired over 100 Mississippi residents in the last 3 years, and 30+ are Mississippi State University alumni. Mississippi is who we are and we love our town!

Want more? Check out all 3 DPM Fragrance lines below & find your favorite:


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