Mississippi Monday | Food Truck Friday

Today we want to share with you about an event we've been attending lately in our city of Jackson that we are SO happy exists; Food Truck Friday! Our state has seen an increasing number of food trucks and carts in the recent years and together with the City of Jackson they've organized a scheduled event for every Friday (through October 9th) to have a number of trucks stationed at Smith Park in downtown Jackson from 11am-1pm on Fridays.


As our shop is located just 2 blocks from Smith Park, this has been such an awesome time for us to take a break, get a short walk in and some fresh air, all while supporting local business and chowing down on delicious eats. But, we also love that this event is driving traffic downtown! Downtown Jackson has some amazing things to offer- gorgeous architecture, art museums, our shop (wink*wink) and more, and we are so happy to add this to the list of positives and to-do's downtown.


If you haven't heard of Food Truck Friday or had the chance to attend yet, there are just 2 weeks left, at least scheduled so far. We do hope there will be more scheduled days like this to come, but be sure to get out there Friday, October 2nd or 9th to check it out, it won't disappoint! And, to learn more about the many food trucks in Mississippi and where you might find them, visit the MS Food Truck Association HERE. PS: Food Truck Friday is a Dog Friendly Event!! The @thimblepets give it two #thimblethumbsup!

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