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GetInspired Today, we are so excited to share about an upcoming event here in Jackson that we can't wait to see come to fruition. The Get Inspired Petite Retreat is a two day event (January 18th-19th, 2016) for women designed to create an honest, faith based community that both empowers and balances personal and professional growth. During the two day event, attendees will network with industry professionals and connect with other creative women while defining their core goals and learning to balance the joys of their personal and professional lives. There will be classroom sessions, guest speakers (including our own Thimblepress® owner, Kristen Ley!), hands on activities and more all with the goal to create, engage and inspire and to start 2016 off with a bang!


Above (left to right): Get Inspired MS event creator Kendall Poole and sponsors, Kristen Ley of Thimblepress®, Jess Followell of Followell Photography, and Laurel Donahoo of The Lovely Bee

A note from Event Creator, Kendall Poole about the upcoming event: KP_verse

"Creating a motivational and inspiration retreat to promote faith in business was placed on my heart a few years ago. Starting your own business is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming experience. It can often leave you full of daunting questions about things like taxes, insurance and budgeting rather than focusing on the products and services you want to provide for your consumers. When I first began Kendall Poole Event Planning 5 years ago, my pastor told me, "delegate the things you struggle with" and that simple advice has stuck with me.

I have been so blessed with amazing mentors in my life and in my business, and it's my belief Christ calls us to lift up and encourage others. The very talented, faith-filled and successful Jessica Followell, Kristen Ley and Laurel Donahoo were placed on my heart to join together in this adventure of Get Inspired MS to help me do just that for you- uplift and encourage you to be your best both personally and professionally!

Along with our experiences and stories of encouragement, we'll hear advice and insight from a number of speakers from Allen Financial and Metropolitan Bank. We'll also have the pleasure of hosting Lauren Bowie, Jill Dale, Wendy Putt and Gay Saxon as they share motivational talks on priorities, both personal and professional.

We hope you'll join us! Come and Get Inspired to follow your dreams, get encouraged and motivated to better your business and personal life, and get connected with other women with similar passion for life. We look forward to seeing you in January! "


A Note from Sponsor, Laurel Donahoo of The Lovely Bee:

“Lauren Bowie, one of the speakers at the Get Inspired Petite Retreat, is a personal friend whose story inspired me even before I met her. I heard about her through mutual friends because of her little boy Wills, who passed away from Trisomy 18 shortly after he was born. I began following Lauren’s blog and was just in love with how her faith in the Lord grew so much during such a heartbreaking time. When I actually got to meet her, she was one of the warmest, most genuine, most beautiful people I’d ever met. Just being around her is an inspiration to me! Not only is she a great mommy to her little girls Fenley and Emmerson and her angel baby Wills, but she is a French macaron WIZ! She runs a little business out of her home making these perfect little delicacies, so watching her be a mama and a business owner has been something that has encouraged me in doing the same! She has an incredible way with words and is going to be the perfect addition to The Petite Retreat!"


Looking to get a creative jumpstart for the New Year? Join in on the Get Inspired Petite Retreat, fill yourself up with inspiration, confidence and joy, and get ready to take on the new year with a clear vision for success. **Note: In order to keep the event intimate and to allow optimum interaction between attendees and speakers, space is limited. Join in before December 31st for a special promotional rate! (Check it out below)

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