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Happy Monday! Today we are excited to bring you one of our new favorites, The Karovan Bar! The Karovan Bar is a unique mobile bar for hire that will come to your event, manage your bar operations, and serve food, cocktails, (and/or other beverages). Call them for your next celebration - birthday party, wedding, crawfish boil, rehearsal dinner, block party, backyard gathering, etc! We can't wait to have them at one of our next Thimblepress events! Check out our Q&A below with owner, Karey Evans and business partner, Leslie Carpenter.

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What/who exactly is The Karovan?

(Karey): The Karovan Bar is a unique mobile bar for hire with lots of versatility. It is a custom made beauty (10 feet x 6 feet) with solid oak trim and countertops- classy with a vintage sophistication.

How did you get started and what was the inspiration to take the small business leap?

(Leslie): Karey was planning her son’s wedding, and she is all about creating a fun time for anyone that she entertains! She was using a food truck theme for the rehearsal dinner, and saw an example of a ‘beverage bar” being done in Australia - sophisticated, retro, whimsy! She researched (lots!), and was driven (always!), and found a manufacturer to create it. We were having a conversation about it all, and I became excited (head over heels!) and committed, and we became business partners! I adore the concept of having a fun way to enjoy each other in any setting! (Karey): We knew we were on the cutting edge of a great and new idea for Mississippi - so went took the leap!!


How does Mississippi play a role in your business?

(Karey): I think the younger generation in MS are open to new ideas. I think Fondren and the urban feel has played a big role in creating a place where people can be creative and be themselves. I really like that . I knew people would love the Karovan and it would catch on and appeal to everyone in MS. (Leslie): Mississippi has the very best people - there is always a celebration, gathering, or party - it is perfect!

What are your goals for your brand?

(Karey): The goals for the Karovan Bar are to have fun, create an atmosphere that is special and unique for each event. (Leslie): ...and to provide a classy, special, and memorable “watering hole” allowing opportunities to visit, get to know each other, and meet new people!


What is your background?

(Karey): I grew up in New Orleans and moved to Jackson in the early 80's. I went to LSU and raised 3 boys. (Leslie): Being a mom, teaching cooking classes, and catering.

Where do you find inspiration?

(Karey): I find inspiration in new, fun and different things. Things that are out of the box. Creative people and ideas! (Leslie): I am inspired by any and everything in god’s creation!



What do you like to do when you aren’t at the office?

(Karey): I like to hang out with family and friends - also go to New Orleans!

What are your favorite places to shop and dine?

(Karey): I like to eat at Lou's in Belhaven. I like sushi, so I go to Sushi Edo . I also like the restaurants in Fondren.

What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?

(Karey): Mississippi is home because of the people here and the close relationships we have here. (Leslie): The people are what make it HOME!


How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi?

(Karey): I think having the Karovan be a part of MS helps encourage people to be creative and follow their dreams and go out of the box. This is what makes life interesting and you meet wonderful creative people in the process.

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Are you ready to have the Karovan at your next event?! We sure are! Find out more information below!


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