Mississippi Monday | Lacy Barger Johnson

Today is #mississippimonday and we are so excited to bring you artist, Lacy Barger Johnson! We are huge fans of Lacy's style, movement and color! Read on for more beautiful snapshots of her work and details of her day-to-day life as a Mississippi artist!

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5297EDAA-DE91-4F78-AF8C-D39F1B602AED Who exactly is Lacy Barger Johnson? I am a child of God, a delta girl, an artist, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. How did you get started and what was the inspiration to take the small business leap? I have been creating art ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My mom is an artist and my parents let me turn a small room under the stairs into my first art studio. They allowed me to draw on the walls in the studio and it was every kids dream come true! I have always had a passion for painting and it is finally the season in my life where I can jump in and pursue it with all I have got! RitesofSpring How does Mississippi play a role in your business? As a child my dad would take me with him for work around rural Mississippi and at the end of the day we would share an RC Cola and a moon pie. Mississippi is home and it is in my blood. I am inspired by the delta landscape, the rich culture, and the wonderful people. What are your goals for your brand? I hope that my paintings will bring light and hope to those who view them. My goal is that one would feel inspired and encouraged. Right now my cousin Mary Margaret Harper and I are talking about expanding my paintings into textiles. It is still a very new idea and I am so excited to explore the possibilities! GalleryView What is your background? I grew up in Greenwood, Mississippi and attended college at Ole Miss attaining a B.S. in painting. I moved to Savannah, Georgia shortly after college to start graduate school. I earned my M.F.A. in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduate school I moved to Jackson, Mississippi and eventually found my way to Pearl River Glass Studio. I currently work as a glass artist making Stained Glass windows and exploring kiln formed glass. Where do you find inspiration? I LOVE a delta sunset! I am inspired by color and texture found in nature, taking pictures, researching other artists, and traveling. Blossom Zinnias What do you like to do when you aren’t “at the office”? I enjoy running and cooking. My husband and I have a garden in our back yard but he does most of the work! I do enjoy spending time with him whether it is in the garden or on a run. I also love visiting with family and friends whenever I get the chance. What are your favorite local places to shop and dine? Art Supply, Midtown, Basils, Aladdin’s, La Brioche, and Rainbow Grocery. GrowthAbiding TakingRoot What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home? Family is a big reason. Mimi and Pop live right down the road and our frequent visits are wonderful. Pearl River Glass studio, my current employer, is a huge reason why I have stayed in Jackson. I love working there and the people have become like family. How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi? I believe that making art is important because it allows one to share their story with others. By engaging in the creative process I come across people to share my experience with and hopefully it is an encouragement to them. Mississippi has shaped who I am as an artist and person. It gives me great joy to live and create here.

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Want to know more about Lacy? Stop by Pearl River Glass Studio in Midtown and say hi! Or visit her HERE:


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