Mississippi Monday | Lefleur's Bluff State Park

Ever wanted to go camping but just maybe in the backyard? Heading out on a big camping excursion is a big commitment. Luckily for us, in downtown Jackson, Lefleur's Bluff State Park is literally around the corner! Kate, our Director of Creative Events + Public Relations, headed out to Lefleur's Bluff last Friday night and wanted to share her experience in photos for this #mississippimonday!

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The park is named for Louis LeFleur, a French-Canadian explorer who established a trading post on the banks of the Pearl River in the late 1700s. The city of Jackson was originally known as "LeFleur's Bluff". Today Mississippi's vibrant capital city combines the earth and charm of its rich cultural heritage with exciting activities and attractions and contemporary lifestyles.


K: "This state park is one of my top favorites to camp at for a little weekend getaway. It's located right off Lakeland Drive in Jackson, deep in the woods right before the Natural Science Museum (pretty perfect huh?!)"


K: "You'll drive back through the woods on a dirt road for about half a mile and then you reach the campground. We passed Maze Lake and a few walking trails on the way in. The campground can also be used as a day trip as well! Maze Lake is perfect for fishing and canoeing. The cypress trees were HUGE and perfect for the turtles that live in the lake!




K: "It truly is like being somewhere else! We saw lots of other campers setting up camp and making fires. The past few months have been rainy, so this weekend was the first beautiful weekend in a long time! The excitement and energy from everyone was pretty incredible and extremely contagious!"




K: "This Airstream immediately caught my eye when we arrived. It was beautifully restored and I had to get a photo. Just the way it fit-in so perfectly with the woods and lake in the background took my breath away!"


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Makes us want to get outside immediately! Want to know more about Lefleur's Bluff or ALL Mississippi State Parks? Check out the MS Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks website for more info!


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