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If you're here on our blog, you're probably like us, absorbing a great deal of social media content each day. We find a lot of value in networking socially, but also in learning about the world around us, including things and sights around our great state of Mississippi that we've never had the pleasure of stumbling on ourselves (at least yet). So today, we bring you a round up of some of our very favorite Mississippi social media accounts and blogs! We love each of these accounts for different reasons- some are fully geared toward MS content, while others are brand or lifestyle accounts, but we love knowing each of these has ties to our state and is making Mississippi look good!!

We know there are so many other great accounts out there, and we are excited to learn about them! Today is all about the conversation. Join in and leave a comment. What/who are some of your favorite MS bloggers or social accounts you recommend following? What do you love about them?


Follow the links below to check out each of the accounts featured above:

1. Discover Mississippi: INSTAGRAM

2. The Mississippi Experience: BLOG | INSTAGRAM

3. Mississippi Modern: INSTAGRAM (lettering by MS artist Wild & Free Designs)

4. Amelia Presents: BLOG | INSTAGRAM

5. The Weir House: BLOG | INSTAGRAM

6. The Hive Blog: BLOG | INSTAGRAM

7. South Haus: BLOG | INSTAGRAM


9. Mississippi Houses: INSTAGRAM


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