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Today, we are excited to have our good friend Katie of The Mississippi Experience back to share another of her statewide adventures with us! This time, a perfect nature retreat for the Fall Season, Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center in Columbus, MS. We can't wait to venture out here, and we're sure after reading Katie's experience you will want to too!

Read on for the full feature and images from Katie's trip...



Some days you just need a solo adventure to clear your mind and relax. Today was one of those days. The rain cleared up for a couple of hours, so I made my way down to the Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center in Columbus, MS.


The grounds were still damp from the morning rain and the air was filled with the sounds of birds and insects. I made my way down to a swampy area that I had spotted from the drive in. Mosquitoes buzzed about and every few steps I would find myself covered in the sticky remains of a spider’s web. After a few moments, I headed back to the main lodge. Inside the lodge, a mini museum had been set up for visitors to stroll along and see what this area was like thousands of years ago- here’s a hint, there are some super neat fossils that were found here!



I continued on my hike through the trails, the flora and fauna here was unlike any I had ever come across in Mississippi. I sat down by the lake for a while journaling, every so often the fish would jump from the water and the bullfrogs would croak. After I had spent an adequate amount of time by the lake, I ventured further back into the forest.


The rain had brought life back to the forest. Bright green moss covered most of the trees, rain drops glistened on the spiders’ webs, I almost felt as if I were intruding. Soon I came up alongside the Tombigbee River.


As I gazed out over the river below, I watched a blue jay hop along on a nearby branch. How spectacular is it that these lovely creatures are not afraid to be around us out here. There is so much to do and see here, I urge you guys to come see it for yourselves first hand. Just don’t forget your bug spray and binoculars!


Interested in visiting or learning more about Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center?

Visit their website HERE for more information!

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