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Hey there! Today for #mississippimonday, we are super excited to chat with one of our dearest friends, Sanders! Sanders Bohlke has been a #thimblefriend for many years + his adorable and sweet wife, Liz use to work here in our studio!

We have mega love for the both of them! So today, we wanted to share with you his most recent project, Rookie Season! You may have read our previous blog post about Sanders HERE and today we are so excited to explore Rookie Season! (SERIOUSLY, so good!)

Check out our Q&A with Sanders + lots of awesome photos! Pssst... Get ready for some mega inspiration!

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What/who exactly is Rookie Season?
Rookie Season at it’s core is a brand. The idea was to create a space where all art created by the two of us (Sanders Bohlke and Brad Odum) could exist under one entity: Rookie Season. Obviously, music is the impetus, but we wanted to create a platform in order to combine everything we love, design, fashion, film, and make it all coexist.
Who does the band consist of and how did you guys meet?
Sanders Bohlke and Brad Odum.
Brad: We met at 12 South Mafiosos in Nashville exchanging quotes from Kings of Comedy.
How did you guys get started?
Brad: After meeting in Nashville, we decided to play a show together. It was a Sanders solo show. Neither one of us had ever played together, yet we decided to play as a duo, with only one rehearsal, to a sold out crowd at Proud Larry’s in Oxford. It was my first time to Mississippi.
Sanders: It still stands as our best show yet. After that show we ended up playing together a lot, and eventually Brad suggested we write together. So, we did, and basically, Rookie Season was formed.
How does Mississippi play a role in Rookie Season?
Sanders: I was born in Gulfport and grew up in Sardis. I went to Ole Miss and Mississippi State.
What do you love most about Mississippi and the South?
Brad: The food and people's compulsion to be polite.
Sanders: The food and culture. It’s a different world. It may have it’s problems, but there’s something about it that makes me so proud to be from there.
What are some of your top goals for Rookie Season?
Brad: Just to see how far we can run this into the ground (to not self implode). Seriously, though, we just want to find ways to keep creating the way we want through all mediums and bring good things to people in a truthful way.
Sanders: Honestly, I just want to be able to keep having fun. It’s been a blast having a platform to do everything you want to do creatively, and do it exactly like you want. If we can afford to keep doing that then I’ll be happy. Hopefully we can impact a few people along the way.
When did you get started in music and how has it evolved to this day?
Brad: I first started playing music with my grandpa in the backwoods of Georgia where he tried to teach me bluegrass guitar. Now I play drums in an alternative R&B project. Thanks Grandpa!
Sanders: I made my first record in 2005/2006, and it was mostly acoustic folk. Now I play alternative R&B.
Where do you guys find inspiration?
Brad: Marvin Gaye and Empire of the Sun.
Sanders: Mostly vintage Japanese film posters and a little Hall & Oates.
What do you and Brad do when you aren’t making music or “in the office”
Brad: Listen to Marvin Gaye and Empire of the Sun.
Sanders: Listen to Brad talk about Marvin Gaye and Empire of the Sun.
What are your favorite places to shop and dine in Mississippi or in the South?
Brad: Sconyers BBQ and Goody Two Shoes in Augusta, GA.
Sanders: Ajax in Oxford. And Thimblepress, duh.
What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?
Sanders: Born and raised.
What’s next for Rookie Season? (Any Southern shows coming up?!)
New music video from our ole Jackson, MS pal, AZXD. Some shows in Nashville, and hopefully, some new music in the fall. We would love to play more shows in the south.
(Photograph by Josh Ness)
(Photograph by Josh Ness)
(Photograph by Josh Ness)
What advice would you give to another artist trying to make it or become a full-time artist?
Brad: Any advice you can send my way would be much appreciated!
Sanders: Whatever you do just have fun, because if for some reason it doesn’t work out then at least you had a blast trying.
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Want to know more? Should we EVEN ask that questions?! Check out more photos and information below! And make sure to check out their tour to see if they are coming to a town near YOU!
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