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Today, we are excited, as always, to have our good friend Katie of The Mississippi Experience back to share another of her statewide adventures with us! This time, a beautiful woodland experience at the Roosevelt State Park in Morton, MS. A cozy retreat to renew the soul and re-energize for the new year, just what we need!

Read on for Katie's perspective and lovely images from the trip…


Winter in Mississippi is always a weird thing. One day it can be hot and sunny and the next, a bit cold and windy. Today it had been mostly cold and windy, but we craved an adventure. Mandi and I headed out to Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Mississippi. The park was pretty quiet, leaving us alone with nature.

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As we hiked through the forests, we saw squirrels eating nuts and a few deer frolicking about. At one point, we came across an empty campground area overlooking the lake. The pier overlooked this beautiful, clear water, where we sat and watched fish and other aquatic wildlife swim around below us.



Soon, the warmth of the sun bid us adieu, and we made our way down to the little cabins the park rents out. The first thing we did was blast the heat to warm ourselves up from the cold! Luckily, these little cabins get nice and toasty. The cabin had this amazing screened in room on the side of it, so we were able to hang out in here as well and stay fairly warm. As we watched the sun set over the lake, we put on some old records and just chilled out. For anyone looking to take a break and enjoy God’s beautiful creations, Roosevelt State Park is just the place to do so!





Interested in visiting or learning more about Roosevelt State Park?

Visit their website HERE for more information!

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