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Mississippi is full of rich musical history, and today we are thrilled to feature an extremely talented MS native, Sanders Bohlke and chat with him about contributing to and continuing on with that tradition. Sanders is a close creative friend in our community and he's one of our very favorite Mississippi musicians- his sound is always so current, fresh and moving. If you've never listened to his work before, now is the perfect time with the recent release of his new EP- The Night. Read on for our short interview with him:


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Tell us a little bit about yourself…laura 1 750
I'm Sanders Bohlke. I make music and other things. I have a beautiful wife and little boy. Currently living in Mississippi.
How did you get started with your musical career?
Got a guitar when I was 15 or so and never stopped.
Where in Mississippi are you based?
I'm from all over MS. I was born on the coast and raised in Sardis. Went to school in Oxford and now I live in Jackson.
How does Mississippi play a role in your business?
It's rooted in everything I create. I don't think every state is like this but Mississippi seeps into your blood and becomes a part of everything you do, how you think, how you communicate. It's powerful. I'm very proud of it.
What are your goals for your music as a brand?
I just want to be able to keep making a living doing it. That's all.
We know you just released a new EP. How would you describe the mood, and where did you draw your inspiration from for this?
TheNight_COVER 750The mood is very dark. Not depressing. Just dark. I'm inspired by so many different things all of the time that I don't really write specific songs or records based on any particular inspiration. I was mainly inspired by the process of making this EP. This EP is really about becoming a sonic architect more than writing a good song. For me it was a great experience creating this music because a lot of it I created on my own and kind of handed it over to my producer, Jeffrey Cain, and he made it sound like it does, rather than writing the song and getting help recording it. A lot of the EP I wrote and recorded on my own and then took the pieces to Jeffrey and he just made it sound amazing. It's really fun working with him.
What do you like to do when you aren't creating new music?
Create anything else. I also love to hoop.
What are your favorite local places to visit/shop/dine?
Apothecary for drinks, Cool Al's for a burger, Saltine, Babalu, and of course Thimblepress for all my printed goods, wink*
What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?
It is home. I was born and raised here.
How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi?
Mississippi sometimes gets a bad rap. I just hope, being from here and living here, I can create cool and interesting things that shed a little light on the good that can come out of a place like this. There's too much good here that nobody can see yet. I want to do what I can to get the word out about what a great place it is.

Listen to "The Night" EP below and watch a recently released live recording of "The Loved Ones":

*New EP "The Night" now available through iTunes*

Want more? Find Sanders and his music in all these places:


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