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Spring is already upon us in the southern states and our our minds are set on sunny picnics, bright florals and greenery galore! Bring it on! Today, we're excited to have Guest Editor, Katie Corley of The Mississippi Experience back with us to share about her Spring adventures last year to the "World's Only Cactus Plantation" of Edwards Mississippi.


Edwards, Mississippi- the proud home of The World’s Only Cactus Plantation.




I arrived before the afternoon heat had set in and got the grand tour of the place from the owner, John. At one point, he had ten greenhouses full of many different varieties of cacti. In the heyday of the cactus plantation, he used to supply all of the local grocery stores, Kroger, and Wal-Mart with cacti.




Currently, he only had two remaining full of cacti and only delivered to a couple stores. One greenhouse was full of Bromeliads, John mentioned he was eager to sell them all for a discounted price, he had so many!




After showing me around the greenhouses, we took a stroll to the pond in the back of the property. John pulled out some bread and we sat for a moment to feed the fishies and cool down in the shade. We spent the morning chatting about gardening and propagating succulents.


Sadly, the Cactus Plantation closed shortly after my visit there, and I’m so happy I got to visit while it was still up and running!

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