Peek into Thimblepress® World of Shipping Products to YOU!

Hey there!

Today we wanted to show you a little sneak peek into how our Retail Manager Haley packs and ships YOUR package to yah! We really put lots of time, effort and love into each package we ship! Typically, we ship with the Postal Service as well as UPS, we have options to Express ship, Overnight Ship + your Standard shipping! We have so many options, because we want our customers to be super excited to receive our products and sometimes, they just need it UBER quick! So here's a little peek into how we do it! Check it out below!

. . .

VOILÀ! That's how we package each and every package! Doesn't Haley do such a great job?! We really spend a lot of time making sure this package will brighten your day + your doorstep!

Make sure to leave her a comment and let her now how GOOD she is! And thank YOU for all the products you have ordered or will! We love our customers the mostest!


Team Thimblepress


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